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I was just like you.

I wanted to know how to read my bible and enjoy it, but I kept having a few problems.

Reading the bible and studying it was not as easy as it seemed. It can get confusing. Bible reading can be intimidating, and if I am to be honest, it can be a bit boring.

I had to figure out a solution - and fast!

Otherwise, how would I understand what God expected of me so that I could begin to apply and grow spiritually?

If you really want to understand how to read the bible and get the most out of the bible, then stick around. I will share my bible reading strategy with you, in 8 easy steps.

#1 - Get A Good Bible

All bibles are not created equal.

Some are so paraphrased they have lost the true essence of the Word, and others are so literal that it is difficult to make sense of the text. >>Read more

There are many bible options on the market, so how would you know what is the best bible to read and understand? My best advice would be to choose a bible-based on your level and need at the moment.

Are you a beginner?

As a beginner, Readability is majorly important! You'll need something that is clearly understood as you read.

The King James Version would be my primary choice.

When I first began at age 14, I went straight to the King James Version and have never looked back. My go-to bible is the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. I've had it for years, and I still love it!

Having a King James Bible will be a great foundational tool when you are ready to go deeper in a word for word bible study [ don't worry I'll show you how, later].

Although I love the King James Version, many have told me that it is difficult to read and understand. So, before making this choice, get a test drive by reading a few chapters on Bible Gateway

My second pick would be the New King James Version as the best bible for beginners: It's a modern version of the original King James Version. But it is still quite accurate and much easier to read. >>> Here's a list of NKJV options

With a little arm twisting, my third pick would be the New International Version ( NIV) / English Standard Version ( ESV): Although they are less accurate than the KJV, they are very reader-friendly. However, I would proceed with a little caution because of these reasons.

Are you a bit more seasoned in bible reading?

At this level, although Readability is essential, Accuracy will become even more important to you - which is a good thing! >>> Learn a little bit more about the accuracy of Bible translations here.

At this stage you should also consider getting a good study bible, which will help you immensely when going deeper in the Word. >>> Compare the best bible translations then make an educated decision.

Here are my options for great study bibles >>> Read about the features in this post

If you are looking for a bible that goes even deeper than other study bibles, then The Companion Bible is the one for you.

>>> Read about the features of this epic bible!

This 2,176 page, one-volume study Bible gives valuable explanations of Greek and Hebrew words in their root form.

It includes charts; 198 appendices; parallel passages; maps; timelines; distinguishing type for divine names and titles; archeological findings; figures of speeches explained; cross references for similar words, just to name a few.

Oh happy day!

how to read the bible

#2 - Understand What The Bible Is About - First.

I was puzzled by biblical events, characters, measurements - you name it!

I soon realized that the Bible was confusing because I live so far away from the people of the Bible, both in distance and time. The setting of biblical texts are thousand of years ago.

To understand the text, I had to take a walk in the shoes and see it through the people who lived it. Only then can we truly grasp the full meaning of the words in the passage.

So, I began learning everything I could about the bible.

This included bible history, about bible characters, biblical facts; reading archeological finding, reading books on biblical customs and traditions.

Everything I unraveled helped me to read bible passages with new eyes.

It became fun!

The discoveries were mind blowing!

I want you to begin doing the same. 

  1. Have you ever wondered what is the Bible and how do we understand it? >>> Read more

#3 Determine Where to Start When Reading the Bible

I wondered where to start reading the bible regularly, all because I did not have an guide.

Reading random chapters did not help my spiritual growth either - because there was little intent to what I did.

If you are a beginner, a good starting point is the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.

If you are beyond that point, I would suggest having topical/purposeful bible readings.

You can do this by:

  1. First, create an intention {e.g." I want to learn about how to become more self-controlled/temperate"} 
  2. Use Google or a bible concordance to search for scriptures on temperance/self-control.
  3. Document these scriptures in a notebook
  4. In the upcoming week, let these scripture be your daily bible reading and meditation.

Here's some helpful articles:

#4 - Use Bible Reading Plans

Bible reading plans helps to create a structure to bible reading.

I decided to create my own bible reading plans,

But, you may not have time to create topical bible reading lists of your own.

No worries. 

Others have done the work for you.

You can find bible reading plans online on free bible study websites like Bible Study

Instead of just pulling a random scripture, you'll begin reading with purpose.

#5 - Schedule It, And  Document Your Progress With Trackers and Journals

Schedule your bible reading time.

I was eager to read the word, but life kept getting in the way :)

And I found myself going weeks without reading the Word, all because it seemed like there was so little time.

I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

So I decided that I will make an intentional effort to change this - by SCHEDULING it, adding it to my daily to-do list, and tracking my progress.

I want to help you do this as well.

So I created free printable bible reading templates so that you can print out. You'll also find daily, weekly, monthly and books of the bible trackers, checklists.

#6 - Learn How to Read The Bible Correctly Using Bible Reading Strategies and Methods

My intention has never been - and probably will never be - to rush though the bible [ just to say that I've read every page]. I have always wanted to FEAST on the Word and use it to grow.

To get that done, I had to find some useful bible reading strategies. Some I learnt on my own, other I picked up from others.

Develop your own bible reading strategies and stick with them. Consistency is key.

  1. What is the correct way to read the bible? 
  2. How can I make the most out of my daily bible reading?
  3. How to read the bible effectively?
  4. How to enjoy reading the bible?
  5. Is it best to read the bible in order? 
  6. What is the most effective bible reading method?
  7. Are there any good books to help you develop effective bible reading habits?

#7 - Learn to Apply The Word

Learning how to read the bible is one thing. Bible application - another.

The power of the Word of God is still able to transform lives.

This is done by applying God's word to our lives, through continual practice.

It involves are heart to change.

It takes intention.

It takes discipline.

This takes lots of prayer and at times even fasting.

But as we see ourselves through the mirror of His Word, God has promised that his grace is sufficient even in our weakness.

#8 - Get An Accountability Partner

If it is possible to find some way to hold yourself accountable - do it!

Although alone time with the Word is a lovely experience, I recently realized that having some one to share it with is very powerful and enjoyable.

  1. Set a monthly goal and keep track of your progress
  2. Set a scheduled time to read the Word
  3. Read the Word by topics {e.g. scriptures on forgiveness}, then have a topical discussion weekly with a friend
  4. Set a time to read the Word with your spouse or significant other
  5. Have family devotions and discussion times
  6. Start or join a bible reading or bible study group

These are all helpful ways you can hold yourself accountable in bible reading. 

Do you have any other ways that you hold yourself accountable? Share it below.

How To Read the Bible Tips Are Welcomed

Don't leave before sharing at least one how to read the bible tip with us. I've talked a whole lot. Let's hear your point of view.

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