3 Rules Of Spiritual Maturity I Wish I Knew When Starting Out


There are 3 universal rules of Spiritual Maturity. Using the Acronym's "D; C; S" I will share them with you in this video:

  1. If you have been wondering why you are not seeing any movement or progress, one of these rules can help
  2. It's time we really hone in on what really causes traction in our spiritual lives.
  3. It's not whether you have heard of these rules, it whether you have been applying them to your daily lives.


When I was 15 years old – just becoming a Christian, I did not really hear much emphasis being placed on these rules that we are going to be talking about today.

Here Are the Fundamentals of Spiritual Maturity

First we are going to identify the Fundamentals For  Spiritual Maturity, that I spoke about in my Book “Clear Path to Spiritual Maturity”.

These Fundamentals include:

  • Holy Ghost: because we need God's help to get us to where we want to go
  • Prayer, Praise, Bible Study is really important
  • Fasting and Assembling ourselves together in groups for edification; is really important

So you might have all of these in place and you are wondering well I'm praying, bible studying, fasting,

I go to church why am I not seeing much movement in my life? What is wrong?

There are three rules of spiritual maturity that is needed to go with these fundamentals to start seeing traction, movement, heights.

My wonderful Acronym for this moment is D C S.

1) Discipline Is the First Rule For Spiritual Maturity

  • Discipline in applying the Word of God to our lives
  • Discipline in keeping focused; applying some restrictions

Paul spoke about this in Corinthians when he said that he keep his body under subjection. The Greek word goes back to “Discipline all together”. Discipline is training our selves to go towards a particular goal.

Think about anybody anyone in Sports. Think about any one is Sports that discipline themselves to rise from bed everyday, at a particular time, and practice, and practice until to get better. So how disciplined are we in Bible Study, Prayer, Fasting?

2) Consistency is the Second of the Rules Of Spiritual Maturity

Remaining consistent towards your goal is needed.

This means that Everyday, or Every week at a particular time, you devote the time towards your goal.

Be consistent in prayer, consistent in bible study, consistent in fasting – increasing as you go along.

We will not see results at the very same time – and that can demotivate any one, but as we continue, after a few weeks, months, you will begin to see the fruits of your labour.

Consistency, and discipline is important.

3) Sacrifice in the Third Rule of Spiritual Maturity

Sacrifice may seem like a bad thing, because it hurts, and who like to feel pain?

I would rather be confortable, won’t you?

But whatever you want most out of God requires lots of sacrifice.

What are you willing to give up, to attain your goal?

Remember the widow who gave all that she had? God honors sacrifice.

Are you willing to give up some sleep at times?

Or an event that your friends would like you to be at?

Are you will to sacrifice time?

Yes, it will hurt –

For when everybody is sleeping you will be up praying.

But, the Lord honors sacrifice.

So apply these Rules of Spiritual Maturity: Discipline, Consistency and Sacrifice today, and see yourselve growing.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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