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We are speaking about essentials for a great bible study today.

We past the first essential, #1 which was Desire.  Now this is very important, In order for us to have a wonderful bible study we must have a desire. But don’t get comfortable yet. We are going on to the second essential for a great bible study.

Number 2:

Do you have any idea what it is?

It is Time.

Making Time For A Great Bible Study

In this world everything is conveniently prepared for us. We have every form of equipment to shorten the time span to get stuff done. But yet we find ourselves in a situation where we are just going and going everyday with so much different things to do, that sometime 24 hours is not even enough time to get everything done.

Where are you going to find the time to sit down and have a proper bible study?

But time is important.

You have to prepare or make time for bible study. Without making the time this Desire is just that, a desire. We wont be able to have a bible study with just desire alone. Put away some time in your schedule to actually sit down and have a bible study.

So in 24 hours you might be doing a lot of different activities and if you don’t be careful the next day the same 24 hours will be taken up again. And it will just go on and on and every day you’ll be having a desire to have a bible study but never having a bible study because you never made the time to have one.

So today we are going to speaking on different areas in your life where you can actually make time to have a bible study. You are going to be surprise where you are going to find time to have a bible study. Your schedule may be jam packed with day to day activities but you can still find time to have a bible study.

Let's see if we can find some time in your schedule

  1. Create Time in Your Lunch Hour: Your lunch hour is usually taken up to eat and to do other errands.  On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you can decided that this day I am going to cut my hour in half and half is for eat and other half to catch up on bible study and areas that you wanted to get a little more knowledge about. Now that was half an hour that you used to catch up on a little bible study.
  2. Find a Day: Put it in your schedule Book, that every Wednesday is the day that you are going to have bible study every week. And you prepare and work and adjust everything around that because on Wednesday at 6 O’clock I am suppose to be in my room or at a specific area having a bible study.
  3. Schedule a vacation day: For me I work and I have 14 working days. I am not too sure how many vacation days you have. Usually we take all that time and go on a nice relaxation somewhere, or catch up on chores or spend it with family. That vacation time that you used for you to relax. You can take 1 day – the first day and say I am going to catch up on some bible study. Imagine. Don’t you think that God will honor that? I believe that God will be pleased with such and attempt to get closer to him.
  4. While Traveling: You might be traveling on a bus, in a car or on a plane, going on vacation. When I am in a plane, I tend to try to take my mind off of me being up so high. So I walk with my bible and a notepad and I have myself a bible study. You can do the self same thing. You might be up in the air for 1 to 3 hours: - maybe longer or shorter you can take that course in time to have a little bible study. Yes, it works for me and it can work for you.
  5.  You can be traveling in a car, just maybe your friend is driving, and you are behind occupying your time in a bible study. Instead of having a conversation or reading a book you can be having a bible study. So there is actually free time in the day where you can have a bible study. Think of other different areas that you can use your free time to, have a bible study.  

But it is important that you have #1 Desire and you must # 2 Make Time for bible study. Without doing these things you cannot have a great bible study.

I am hoping that one of the ways that I just gave you will be something that you can put in place to find sometime for God during your busy schedule to have a bible study. You can find more bible lessons here. But I am sure that you are eager to go on to 3rd Essential For a Great Bible Study. See you there.

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