Hi, I'm Joan from PositivelyDrivenChristian.com

I’m a Christian, bible study fun-atic and I want to help you live a spiritual purposeful life.

I studied at a big-time university, receiving a degree in Business Management in return for many many sleepless nights! Yet nothing tops studying the Word of God.

I call myself a ‘Creatively Driven Christian’ because I am an author, self-taught desktop publisher, singer, song writer, poet ...

... motivational speaker, presenter, devotional leader, teacher and preacher of the word of God, who is teaching herself how to play piano and would love to play the drums one day!

Bible Study is my Thing - Teaching is my gift

I fell in love with bible study when I was really young, and to be honest - I still love the "seek-and-ye-shall-find" method!

Feasting on the Word of God, is sweeter than anything you can imagine. There are times I literally laugh-out-loud in excitement at the new revelations that God shares with me.

And that's the kind of Joy I want you to experience.


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How did it all begin?

Studying the Word was difficult initially, but I soon developed useful systems and strategies that turned everything around.

Then, one by one, my assembly members began questioning "how I was able to break down the word so clearly." Each time this happened - I truly felt their pain. They knew that reading and understanding that Word was important, but honestly -just did know where to begin. They wanted to know how to study the Word of God but no one gave them the tools.

The seed was planted inside my heart - that I had to help.

My brethren needed my help.

So, I set out to make this vision a reality. 

Then Positivelydrivenchristian.com was born.

And now you are here!

Where Do You Need Help The Most?

If you could take 1 minute to tell me what is the single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with in bible study right now a) it would mean the world to me and b) most importantly I’ll be able to use that information to gear upcoming content towards topics you specifically need”

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I began at a low place

These principles that I will share on these pages have worked dramatically in my life. Beginning at a hopeless, clueless, and a broken point in my life, I continue to grow as I apply these principles, and I am daily beginning to learn and understand the voice of God, and clearly follow his guidance. God has literally opened the eyes of my understanding to his Word and I can now begin to see the fruit of the Spirit at work in my life. 

I take none of these things to believe that I have attained, so I continue to PRESS towards his mark, and God has healed me from depression, fear, and has given me renewed strength to overcome obstacles that had once weakened me. As I continue to remain humble, God continues to draw me closer to him, revealing more of himself to me, daily.

Here's a few blog posts to wet your toes:

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"I felt the anointing reading this book"

This book really touched me. I mean it has everything I didn’t understand clearly, and it has opened up my eye to a lot of things. Honestly I felt the anointing reading this book. It made me cry. My experience reading this book was like a journey I never wanted it to end, every topic had me going and every question that was asked I was actually talking to myself and praying the prayers.There's so much helpful tips in this book that I can use! Simone


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