About Joan Maynard

christian poetryThe poet inside just had to say hello!

Hi. I’m Joan.

I’m a Christian, bible study fun-atic and the owner of Positively Driven Christian

I call myself a ‘Creatively Driven Christian’ because I am a writer, graphics designer, singer, song writer, poet, motivational speaker, presenter, devotional leader, teacher and preacher of the word of God, who is teaching herself how to play piano and would love to play the drums one day!

Bible study is my thing, Teaching is my gift

I have three gears to my teaching ...

  • "Not- so- indepth" - teaching things in easy, understandable, enjoyable, enlightening, small bites
  • In-depth - opening the Word of God, so that you begin to see the Word through my eyes - and unravel some hidden truths
  • And really deep deep in there - kinda- INDEPTH - these bible studies, and books, and lessons are not for everyone. Only the seeking hearts, that are really searching for truth should read these. They are not for debate. These are the secrets, and unraveling of the Word, that God shares with me, in my personal times of study. It is so much, that I am - as I speak - starting to create books, and video lessons to share with you. Will keep you posted.

If you're that kinda person

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How did it all begin?

I’m about to sound clichéd right now, but like Martin Luther King – I had a dream

  • A Place For Beginners In Bible Study: where Christians, new believers, and beginners in Christ can come to learn about the ways of God. Where they can be given the tools and tutored so that they themselves can become good stewards of Christ; able to study to show themselves worthy to be called a Son of God.
  • A Place of Guidance: Filled with videos, bible study aides and practical recipes so that you and I can learn how to dig deep into the bible and discover biblical truths.

  • A Place of Enjoyment: Filled with fun, laughter and support. A place where you find the word of God a joy to read
  • An Eye Opening Place: A land where you discover new revelations and your eyes are opened to what God wants you to know through the pages of scripture.
  • A Place of Fellowship:With the freedom to ask questions, share stories and have fun as you grow in the spirit.
  • A Place for Your Whole Man: Providing biblical lessons on Spiritual Growth, Divine Health and Abundance. 

I had this dream.

And I set out to make this vision a reality. Then Positivelydrivenchristian.com was born.

And now you are here!

I began at a low place

These principles that I will share on these pages have worked dramatically in my life. Beginning at a hopeless, clueless, and a broken point in my life, I continue to grow as I apply these principles, and I am daily beginning to learn and understand the voice of God, and clearly follow his guidance. God has literally opened the eyes of my understanding to his Word and I can now begin to see the fruit of the Spirit at work in my life. 

I take none of these things to believe that I have attained, so I continue to PRESS towards his mark, and God has healed me from depression, fear, and has given me renewed strength to overcome obstacles that had once weakened me. As I continue to remain humble, God continues to draw me closer to him, revealing more of himself to me, daily.

Maybe you’re here because:

  • you are looking for bible study lessons on salvation, and your spiritual advancement 
  • you are a new learner of the bible and need an overview
  • you hate to admit it but you find the bible difficult to understand and hard to enjoy
  • Or perhaps, you are just ready to learn the practical steps to do personal bible studies

Whatever reason brought you to my corner of the world, thanks for stopping by.

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What We Believe

In summary, Positively Driven Christian believe:

  1. That God is the creator of all things
  2. In both the Old and New Testament Word of God: every word that is spoken by God still remains true today.
  3. In the Lord Jesus Christ: That is God the self existing, all sustaining, one. That God took on flesh and walk among us, pay the ultimate price of death, for our sins, and after 3 days rose again. We believe that Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead, being both Son of God and Son of man.
  4. In the infilling of the Holy Ghost ( which is God in us) and its guidance and transformative power in the live of those who believe.

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