Before You Pray, Know The One Thing That God Wants

I will be real with you for a moment: The 1 mistake that we all made at some point in our prayer lives is using what I call "rinse and repeat prayers." These are prayers that we've either copied from the internet or taught to use or absorbed while watching others pray somewhere - possibly in church.

But truthfully speaking: is it working?

When I sat down and thought about it, for me, the answer was a big no! It was not working. I was not drawing closer to God. I did not feel that intimate closeness when I bent my knees in prayer. The intimacy that I longed for. Instead, I felt that my prayer was beating the wall. I felt all alone and empty while I prayed. I felt my prayer life slipping away even though I desperately did not want it to.

What changed it all for me was when I changed one thing. 

What's interesting is - it had nothing to do with prayer at all.

This video will not only share the one thing that God wants but help you not only transform your spiritual life and your prayer life, by giving him this one thing in four easy ways.

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Have you ever thought within yourself that something is missing from your prayer life and you don't know what it is?

Now, more than ever before, is the time for us to really get to our knees [figuratively speaking or literally] crying out to God in prayer.

Before you pray, there is one life-changing secret I have to share with you that, if honestly applied, will change the way you pray, as it did for me.

In this video you'll learn:

  1. the one thing that God wants from all of us
  2. 3 different ways he would like to share it with us
  3. Biblical demonstrations on God's desires, throughout scripture
  4. Finally, 4 actionable steps to take to begin applying it to your life

A Few Take Away Points From This Lesson, Before You Pray:

1. It does not matter what state or condition we are in, God is still searching for us as He searched for Adam, saying "[Joan], where art thou?" (Genesis 3)

God, being an all knowing and omnipresent God, there was -and still is- nothing that can be hidden from Him. So, He knew that Adam had sinned.

Yet, even in Adam's condition, God still came searching for Adam.

God still came down to Adam, looking for that sweet communion that He once had.

The same sweet fellowship that God yearns to have with you and I.

You may think that you have done things that makes you unworthy to go before a Holy God, but know this "that is simply not true".

God came to Adam, even in his sin. It was ADAM who ran away from God thinking he was unworthy.

Instead of running ---- >to God

He ran <----- away from God

Let us ask for forgiveness, and just spread ourselves at the feet of Jesus.

He's waiting for you, and I.

2. Stand in Agreement with God.

Amos 3: 3 says " can two walk together except they be agreed?"

So, stand in agreement with God today, saying "whatever relationship you want to have with me Jesus, I want that self same relationship with you. And as you draw closer to God daily, he will draw close to you.

3. Be Intentional: 

Find ways to spend time with God deliberately in pray, in the Word, bible study, listening to a preach word. Slot times during the day for uninterrupted time wit the Lord.

4. It's not as much about praying more - as it is about praying DIFFERENT.

  • Note: As it is for any relationship, God wants to feel special. He wants to know that you enjoy his company. That He is important to you. That it's not the gift - but it's the Giver that you love.
  • Instead of praying because we have to: pray just because you want to be in his presence. Pray because you want to get to know him
  • Instead of praying, praising, or fasting only when you have a request of God - The next time you Fast, do it, just because you wanna get closer to him. Pray because you wanna just feel him close, and enjoy his company. I am not saying not to ask God for anything. What I am saying is , not to go to God >>only<<  when you need something from God.
  • Change your motive for praying- and you will see a major shift in your prayer life - for the better!

Bottom Line?

I share this advice because it has helped me immensely in my prayer life, and I really believe having this information before you start to pray helps reposition your thoughts and put you in the best position to begin seeing great transformations in your prayer life.

If you've been blessed, let me know below.

home:christian prayer:before you pray

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