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You probably came to this page because you would love to get an overall understanding of the bible, so that eventually you can begin personal bible studies.

This area was created for bible beginners, as well as the seeking heart: "those wanting to get more acquainted with their bibles".

Yes, personal bible studies are important to our spiritual development. But the Bible can seem quite overwhelming at first glance with so many pages; no pictures and a lot of ‘Abraham begot Isaac who begot Jacob’.

Yep, I know that feeling.

The best approach is to take a deep breath, then allow yourself the opportunity to learn and enjoy the  process as you are familiarized with this magnificent book, the culture, the history and an introduction to our Creator: - God himself.

My job is to make this bible overview less over whelming – with a few ‘ah ha’ moments along the way, and lots of fun.

So, Welcome Bible Beginners!

What is the bible and why should I care?

The bible is the written word of God that has the power to not only save but transform the lives of any reader that chooses to believe, study, and apply its teachings. It was written by several authors under the inspiration of God and outlines God purpose and intention for mankind.

Learn more about its dynamic power here.

Your First Time?

Getting Started

  1. Finding a Pearl among the Rocks: Tips for Selecting a Bible?
  2. Best First Time Bible Options?

Bible Shopping

  1. The Low down on bible translations
  2. Going bible Shopping? - What to do when shopping for a Bible.
  3. Bible quality and design
  4. Protect your companion, with a bible cover
  5. Getting a Bible On The Cheap

Read with Confidence

  1. Where should a first time bible reader start?
  2. Bible reading plans for beginners?
  3. how to enjoy reading the bible?

With your bible at hand, my compass is out, and it’s time to chart the best course to get you from where you are to where you would like to be!

So are you ready?

Section 1. Learn the Bible Basics: to get an overall picture before we dive in to bible study

Section 2. Find Your Study Bible?: your soon-to-be companion in bible study and Christian living

Click on any of these sections and let’s get popping and rolling!

Section #1: Bible Beginners Basics: Fundamentals We Should All Know and Love

What Are The Basic Features Of A Bible?

Getting familiarized with this handy companion should be the first thing on our agenda. One way to get a better understanding of the bible is through knowledge.

Knowledge is Power!

Understanding a little about bible history, culture, and language, can go long way. I promise, this will not feel like pulling teeth. I will try to make it as a painless as possible.

After, we will learn about the different translations and types of bibles that are available to read. Trust me, there’s a whole lot out there!

Then finally, we will leave a few tips on bible reading, understanding the bible and leave some resources and aides for bible beginners.

It gonna be one huge treat! So let’s get cracking.

Beginners Bible History:

  • What is the bible and why should I care?
  • Simple Bible Overview (history and culture)
  • Bible Timeline
  • Easy Bible Summary
  • Interest Biblical Facts
  • Main Bible Characters
  • Bible Language

Understanding Bible Translations. In this 3 part lesson you will learn: (1) why translations is so important (2) most accurate translations (3) the best translation for you

Having trouble understanding the bible?

How to begin enjoying reading the bible?

Let's go learn how to read the bible here

Bible Translations and Bible Versions: Simplified

  • The Difference in bible translations: which one do you have?
  • Different types and comparisons
  • Bible reading levels
  • The Most Accurate Bible translation
  • Bible beginners reading help

Beginner Bible Reading

  • What is the purpose of reading the bible?
  • How to read the bible for a beginner: where to start?
  • Daily bible reading plan
  • Different ways to read the bible

( click here for more reading advice)

Bible Reading Tips

  • Basic Bible reading ideas
  • Bible Passages: reading tips
  • Bible Parables; reading tips

Bible Support

  • Books for bible beginners
  • Suggested bible for beginner adults
  • Suggested bible for beginning kids
  • Bible for beginner app

Section #2: Finding a study bible that fits you

Your Study Bible should be comfortable for you to read and easy for you to carry. Unlike a regular bible, it should have features (both in the columns and at the back) that add more light on the information that you read.

  1. Important Elements of a good study bible
  2. Must Have Features of A Study Bible
  3. The most accurate bible translation

I love this part.
A great study bible can be a powerful tool when doing bible studies. If you do not have one right now, it’s ok, but I recommend that you eventually work towards getting one.
The first bible I used for study was a ‘basic bible’, that I hammered until it fell apart under the pressure, lol.

my first study bible

It was just the right size for me to travel with everywhere I went, and I fed my soul daily on God’s word. It had no pictures, no cross-references, no – nothing.

I learn't how to study the bible using prayer, my little handy bible, and a note book.

I have to say, I enjoyed it!

Then one day, my Pastor called me in his office and gave me a ‘big' bible with my name on the cover. My first thought was to refuse it (1) because it was way bigger and would be harder to travel with and (2) I really fell in love with little traveling companion and I did not want to part with it.

But as time progressed and I started using this study bible and realized that it had features that really enhanced my bible study sessions.

That’s why I know that having a study bible will help you too.

First, let’s understand the difference between a bible and study bible, then we can go on to getting one for ourselves.

  • Types of Bible Translations ( and what you should know before making a choice)
  • Comparing Study Bibles to Find Your Best Fit
  • My 3 Best Study Bible For Beginners and Why
  • Top Selling Study Bibles and Why
  • The Study Bible I used and It’s Features
  • The Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible ( a recent addition to my arsenal!)
  • Here’s the reasons why I do not recommend NIV study bible
  • Study Bibles Online
  • Online vs Offline: What’s the Difference?

Things to consider when buying a study bible:

-    Readability: Words you read is understandable
-    Portability: not too big/not too small
-    Clearer understanding of some words in the footer or the columns
-    Get a bible cover: for protection, and preservation
-    When buying check to make sure that the binding is strong and does not easily fall apart after a few uses

Found a study Bible best fitting for you? Share a picture with us below and your reasons why, so that you can help your brothers and sisters find theirs too!

Have A Great Study Bible?

Do you have a great study bible? Share it with us

As a bible beginner, sure you have lots of questions and comments. Leave them below, and I will try my best to assist. And don't forget to share, to your friends and family.

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