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Searching for a simple bible reading template you can use to document your progress as you go through the Word?

Get inspiration from these bible reading printables.

You'll find three sets of templates that you can use for reading the bible daily, weekly or monthly.

Books of the Bible Reading Checklist Printable

Struggling to find a free bible reading chapter checklist for the old testament and new testament? That is about change. I design this clean modern checklist that you can download and print out.

Now you can track your bible reading progress daily

Blank Printable Bible Reading Checklist

I have never read the bible in any particular order.

Dependent on the topic I am bible studying or how I am lead, I might read the book of Hosea, then jump to Genesis.

You may be like me preferring to randomly choose each book of the bible as you go along.

These blank bible reading checklist printables were created so that you'll have free reign over your bible reading process.

These trackers has an area to note the bible books, and days of the month but everything else is left up to you.

You can read a few chapters in a bible book then return later in the year, or read a whole book. Use these bible reading templates.

Modern Circular Design Bible Reading Template

This first set of blank checklists are for the creatives at heart.

Here's 2 cute circular designs that you can use to note the bible and monitor your reading. Download and print it out.

Weekly and Monthly Bible Reading Template

This second set of blank bible reading trackers includes weekly and monthly templates

Here's 5 clean designs that you can use to note the bible and monitor your reading. Download and print it out.


How does reading the bible strengthen your faith? Reading the bible helps you to understand the will, plan and promises of God for your life. You learn to appreciate God for who he is, and eventually grow a tremendous love for the Word. Through trials and testings the promises of God will bring comfort and peace.

How do I read the bible everyday? You can choose to read one book at a time, and absorb a chapter per day. You can also decide to have theme based scripture readings by searching for bible verses on themes like "forgiveness", "baptism", and "love". You can do the same for bible characters. You can also use bible reading plans to read the bible.

When reading the Bible where is the best place to start? A good starting point would be the Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) then the Acts of  the Apostles. After, I would read the Book of Genesis which includes the creation of man and the regeneration of the world. >>> Learn more here.

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Did you enjoy using these the bible reading checklist? Would love to know how you used them. Or is there something I've missed? Let me know below.

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