Free Bible Reading Tracker Printable

You've been asking for a bible reading tracker to print out. I've created many options for you!

Choose from bullet journal, daily, weekly, monthly, books of the bible printable templates. Each will help you plan, and monitor your scripture reading progress.

I even created pdf bible tracker for kids.

#1: Daily Bible Reading Tracker

First up, is a daily printable bible reading template in a simple modern clean design. You can note your bible books and track your reading progress easily.

Clean, Modern Simple Bible Reading Tracker

Note the books of the bible on the left and track your progress daily using the columns on the right.

You'll receive this free template in pdf form when you download.

#2: Bullet Journal Tracker

Every one loves a good bullet journal.

I have my own.

So, having a useful bible bullet journal is a no-brainer.

You'll find variations of simple, colorful, and black and white bullet journal design templates for reading the bible, that you can easily print out.

These bujo bible reading trackers can be used as daily and monthly bible reading templates. There's a new testament tracker, and other trackers that you can use to jot down your selected books of the bible to read.

And they are all free printables.

>>> Grab your bullet journals here

#3: Books of the Bible Tracker With Chapters

Recently I've been looking for a simple, clean, book of the bible tracker with chapters included. Most that I found, that were good quality, cost a few dollars.

Doesn't any one create things for free anymore?

So, I decided to make a free printable tracker with chapters for you guys!

It can also be use as a bible reading checklist.

>>> Get the trackers here

#4: Bible Reading Planner and Daily Reflection Sheet

I created a 2-page bible reflection journal for you.

Scripture reflection helps us not only meditate but plant the Word in our hearts.

In the first sheet - the daily bible reading planner - I combined a planner and monthly tracker on one sheet so that you can both document and keep minded of your goal, while also monitoring your bible reading progress.

The second sheet is a bible reflection sheet with questions, to be used right after the reading of each chapter. It provides useful tools that helps to dissect and apply the Word to our daily lives.

#5: Bible Reading Tracker For Kids

I have not forgotten our little ones.

I designed four (4) bible trackers for kids.

You'll find three colorful printable bible reading chart that can help you and your little one track their reading progress.

I also created a coloring page tracker. Your child can shade it with their own colors and make it their own!

>>> Get the trackers here

bible reading tracker


When reading the Bible where is the best place to start? A good starting point would be the Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) then the Acts of  the Apostles. After, I would read the Book of Genesis which includes the creation of man and the regeneration of the world. >>> Learn more here.

Is it possible to read the bible in one day? The Bible is a really BIG book. The King James bible has in 783, 137 words. Unless there's a super genius out there, that does not care for sleep, I would have to say that it is not possible to read the bible in a day. But you are free to prove me wrong.

How long will it take to read the Bible if I read 10 chapters a day? With 1189 chapters in the Bible, it will take 118.9 days to complete which is around 4 months.

Let me know what you think of the trackers

Drop me a message below and let me know what trackers I left out that you would like to see included. Or the ones that you enjoyed!

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