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bible study thought leaders

With millions of websites on Google, I never thought that it would be so tricky finding bible study websites that teaches "how to study the bible".

But here am I.

After weeks of hunting - I could barely find five websites that provide the full package - how-to guides, tools, books, and advice for every Spiritual growth area.

However,  I did find some fantastic websites that's worth checking out. These three bible study websites that I've chosen really do a fine job, filling the gaps in one or more areas essential to our growth and developments as Christians - in a not-so-boring kind of way.

Here's my top three picks. is a spiritual growth website designed by Arabah Joy herself, to help Christian women develop a closer walk with God. It has plenty of resources to help you reach your full potential in Christ, from studying the Word, devotionals, prayer, spiritual goals, and kid studies.

The down-to-earth approach that Arabah uses to share the Word is what I enjoy the most. It's a breath of fresh air. I've had so many times when an email from her comes just at the moment that I needed it.

You should check it out.

The does not share the same personal connection that the first bible study website offers, but it's still quite impressive. It helps you understand the bible using a fun, clean, simplistic approach and plenty of videos.

I enjoyed their weird, funny analogies, and free bible materials so much that I've binged read quite a few of their articles

Worth checking out.

Olive Tree Blog

Many say that "Pictures" speaks a thousand words, and the Olive Tree Blog seems to master the art of helping its audience understand biblical tools through pictures.

Olive Tree is one of the top bible study apps on the market currently. Although, I've never used the app, their Olive Tree blog houses some very informative articles offering Bible study tips, advice on using biblical resources, commentaries, and photography to help tell the story.

I love it! You will too. Check them out.

Share your top Bible Study Website, or Thought Leader

I'm sure there are helpful bible study websites or thought leaders that I just did not find. What's your favorite bible study website or thought, and why?

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