Bible Reading Plans For Beginners Are Down Below:

Basic Bible Reading Plans

Wanna know where to begin reading the bible? Starting a bible reading plan can be helpful in keeping you on track but we should all be careful not to become comfortable reading our bibles just to check it off of our to do list.

There is so much more to discover, when you dig a little deeper (hey, I rhymed!)

Using A Bible Reading Plan is Simple

Select one that you like from the choices on this page, download, then follow along using the guided bible reading plan: reading atleast 1 chapter per day.

I honestly believe that the best place for every believer to begin is learning about Jesus Christ, the one that died for our sins.

For beginners:  I would suggest beginning with the New Testaments books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, that speaks about the life of Christ and his expectations of us. Each book gives a description of what occurred from the writer’s view. So you may realize that each book begins with his birth, but may have varying accounts of similar events.

Matthew bible reading plan

The book of Matthew focuses on what Jesus said more than what he did. It mentions the birth of Jesus making careful effort to highlight his lineage a son of David.

With 28 chapters, using this bible reading plan you'll be through in a month! One chapter a day - keeps the doctor away :)

Mark bible reading plan

The book of Mark focuses mostly on Jesus' servanthood: what He did and not what was said. You will find at least 20 miracles in this book.

It does not mention the birth of Jesus.

Because it is the shortest Book of the Gospels ( Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), it's probably a great place to begin if you're looking for a general perspective without the details.

Luke speaks about Christ as the Son of Man. It shows the lineage of Jesus starting from his earthly parent ( Joseph/Mary). There are 24 parables spoken by, found in this book, in quite detailed. It is said that the writer, Luke was most likely a Gentile which shows splendidly that salvation is for everyone that believe. Although Luke was not an eye witness of Jesus, he was a companion to those that were.

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John bible reading plan

It gives a rather detailed account of the life of Christ, excluding his birth. The chapters are quite long. In John's word the purpose is to show that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and in believing you may have everlasting life.

There's lots more to discover in the book of John than what meets the eye. These John Bible Reading Videos will surely be informative. Don't miss it!

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