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Looking for bible studies for women and devotionals? I have to admit, I can't seem to find much bible studies that are crafted just for us women. So welcome to this area, where I throw in a dash of realness, a punch of humor, lots of emotion and fun as we go through the Word of God together.

bible studies for women

The ISSUE is a series of bible studies for women focusing on women from all walks of life, and the issues that we face. The name was derived from the story with the woman and the issue of blood [ Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:25 -34; Luke 8: 43 -48 ] - Check out Lesson 1 for an overview.

bible studies for women

Lesson 1
"A Woman, With An Issue"
Where could she turn? But to Jesus

- Matthew 9:20-22/Luke 8: 42 - 48 -

We may be viewed as insignificant, but my gosh, we are powerful!

As a woman we may be quiet, subtle, gentle but, have you ever realized through the bible, when we show up we stop the process of things and cause total shifts?

  • Rahab – assisted the Israelites in capturing the city of Jericho, the first step to achievement of the promise ( the promise land)
  • Mary – Changed the course of all humanity by the birth of Jesus Christ. The world was never the same again.
  • The Woman of Samaria – Became an Evangelist for Christ. Told a whole city of Jesus, and prepared the way for the salvation of all.

Matthew 9; Mark 5; and Luke 8 tell the story of a very special, and radical woman; known in the bible as "the Woman with the issue of blood"

This Woman was:

  • Weak in body yet had inner strength 
  • Saw deterrents but yet remained determined
  • Fragile but pressed on in Faith
  • Lost all she had but did not lose hope

This shows me, that we [ even in the weakest moment of our life] still have the ability to make a big change.

The odds were stacked against her, but in her heart, she decided that today she would come out victorious.

Know, that under those clothes of yours, smiles and hairstyles, is a warrior for Christ.

We can touch the throne of God, so mightily, that God himself feels it.

#2 Women are special gifts from God.

We are uniquely crafted secret weapons – with personal strength that shines within the toughest situations.

Call me crazy, but I believe that's why the story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood begins with "And …" in Luke 8:42

That's the perfect introduction to story.

Why, you ask?

Well in primary school I was told that 'and' is a conjunction [which is a word that joins two words, phrases or sentences together].

Yes, I know. This is not an English lesson.

But I do find it to be an apt description for us women. We are the glue that keeps everything together - in our homes, in our churches, sometimes on our jobs. I would even dare to say, that with the support of us women, our men do exploits.

We are the "And " that joins everything together.

Our prayers are quite effective.

#3 "What's Your Issue?"

Read Luke 8: 42 – 48

The story of this Woman opens in Luke 8: 42 as "And a woman having an issue …"

What was significant about this Woman was that she had an issue.

And this issue caused her to press her way to meet Jesus.

I can sit here and speak about the issue in depth and height, but what matters most is that this issue, gave that Woman the desperation it took, the endurance it needed and the "I-am-not-going-to-give-up" attitude that it required to press wayyy beyond the veil, to touch the hem of is garment.

A woman

… with an issue.

Luke 8: 42 as "And a woman having an issue …"

The mere fact that this Woman was not named in the bible makes it even more special, for we all can relate. We can put our names in the place of this Woman for we all have issues that are plaguing us right now.

Whether it be for one day, one year, or - as this Woman - 12 years.

Issues of:

  • neglect
  • self-esteem
  • feeling insignificant; overlooked; taken advantage of
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loss of a job
  • need to have a child
  • desire to be loved

Just put your name in place of that Woman right now, and name your issue.

Girl, I know.

You've tried everything. 

Read every book. 

Listened to the guidance of every practitioner. 

Told every friend.

Cried on the shoulders of every family member.

Have taken every advice.

Yet, when the dust clears, and every one has gone home, the issue still remains.

Now, through these bible studies for women, the time has come for you and I, to lay it all at the feet of Jesus.

  • Press through the masses of self doubt.
  • Push through the crowds of hindrances. 

And let us, together, touch the hem of our Father's garment.

Where we will be made totally free.

Are You A Woman With An Issue?

It does not matter how insignificant it seems. Sharing will not only help me guide my content to meet your need, but help others that may be going through the same.

Let's support each other.

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