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In the 21st century, we are blessed with the technology that allows us to carry God’s Word in our pockets. But with that blessing might come the agony of indecision: which Bible study app is best for you?

Are you a beginner, or do you have a desire to dig in deep to the Bible? Do you prefer having commentaries and parallel texts, or is a simpler layout more your style of choice? Have no fear. In this post, I’ll be listing 30 different Bible study apps. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, which I’ll describe in-depth so you can choose the perfect Bible app for you. Feel free to use the navigation below to jump to a particular section.

List of Bible Study Apps

Free Bible Study Apps

bible study apps

Here are the Bible study apps that require absolutely no money for access to their resources. I will be listing these in order of general popularity and ease of access. Let’s get started!

1.      YouVersion   

Level: Beginner and up.            Multi-lingual.
Provider: Life.Church               
 Modern and classic translations.
Available on: iOSAndroid       Cost-free and ad-free.

YouVersion is a big name in the Bible app industry, and it’s easy to see why. The interface is user-friendly, with adjustable text size and a Light/Dark theme that guarantee easy reading. YouVersion is always updating new features such as Stories, Prayer Lists, and media regularly. It offers social networking within the app; you can connect to other Bible readers without disclosing any personal information, and each of the various reading plans or studies gives you the option of reading alone or with your YouVersion friends.

Prayer lists can also be shared with those in your social circle. If you want to connect the YouVersion app to your Facebook or Google profile, you’ll be able to import any friends who use YouVersion to you in-app friends list. I have nothing negative to say about YouVersion (although I am biased as a regular user). With 62 different interface languages and over one thousand translations of the Word, YouVersion tops the list easily in many countries around the world.

2. Bible.is

Level: Beginner and up.                            Audio Bible available.
Provider: Faith Comes by Hearing      Modern and classic versions 
Available on: iOSAndroid                      Create plans and playlists.              × Currently experiencing bug issues

Bible.is has a lot of the reach and appeal that YouVersion does. The app’s interface is clean and easy to use, translations are constantly being added to the list of over 1,300 languages, and offers dramatized audio options for Bible reading. Bible.is also comes with extra media options: short gospel films and clips of the JESUS film are available within the app. Bible.is comes with a great selection of different reading plans.

The Faith Comes by Hearing website offers personalized playlists to go along with some of the plans and studies. You can even create your own plan and playlist! The one caveat with this app is that, as of July 2020, various complaints have been posted in app stores about some bugs that accompanied a recent update. Otherwise, with its smooth auto-scroll and audio options acting as icing on the cake for a media-packed Bible experience, Bible.is offers a wonderful step into God’s Word.

3.      Superbook Kids Bible

Level: Beginner and up (kids).            Educational and fun.
Provider: CBN                                           
 Audio Bible included.
Available on: 
iOSAndroid                   The website has lot of games!

Alright, this app might be aimed at kids—but to be honest, I got pretty excited as an adult when I tested it out. Superbook is an engaging, well-designed, and fully resourced app for children to learn and love the Bible. It’s far more than just a Bible that’s made for kids. The bible study app contains daily quests, games and challenges, Biblical character profiles, videos, and more. It’s entirely free, which blew my mind. Superbook’s interface is available in eight languages, including Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese.

The Bible translations open even more doors around the world with hundreds of languages and translations. With each chapter of the Bible, your child will be able to access embedded quests, Q&A sessions, and other goodies. There’s also a special section for the user who wants to know more about what it means to accept Jesus into their heart. This app is truly a treasure. I almost wish I were a kid again!

4.      Bible Study App

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.    Multiple scrolling windows
Provider: And Bible                               〇 Greek and Hebrew root words
Available on: Android                          Not as modern a design as some.
 Unavailable on iOS devices.

A less modern look than some of the other bible study apps but no less useful, Bible Study app seems to be aimed at more scholarly Bible readers. One of Bible Study app’s big features is the ability to pin a text window so you can compare to different translations of your Bible reading. This is typically a feature that only paid Bible study apps have, as is the lexicon of Greek and Hebrew root words that are toggled within this apps Bible text. Bible Study app provides a free and accessible experience for readers looking to take the next step in their study of the Word.

If you’re interested in parallel text study and Greek Biblical dictionaries, but hesitate to pay money for an app, this is a good way to test the waters. This app doesn’t have any extravagant reading plans or personalized devotions, but it does offer the basic plans for reading through the Bible. Translations are abundant, however, so you’ll be able to compare any version of the Bible that you wish with the app's window pinning feature. Bible Study app has an audio version of the Bible available and is overall easy to use.  

5. Bible Hub

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.         Interlinear text.
Provider: Bible Hub                                    
Maps, and other helpful resources.
Available on: iOS, Android                      Design feels a bit old.
                                                                     ✖ Not as many language options 

Bible Hub is another great resource if you’re looking to start a study of the original Biblical languages. Like Bible Study app, Bible Hub is interlinear, meaning it offers footnotes with Greek and Hebrew root words. Bible Hub also has a plethora of other in-depth study materials, such as maps, old measurement lists, and even the Apocrypha (if you don’t know what that is, check out this interesting article on desiring God’s website.)

The Bible Hub app has a simple design and isn’t overly complicated, although you might find it a bit more crowded than the Bible Study app. The interface feels a bit clunky and old-fashioned, but there are over one hundred languages and quite a few good translations to explore.

6. First Five

Level: Beginner and up (women).          Beautiful design, easy to use.
Provider: Proverbs 31 Ministries.         
Great community app.
Available on:
iOS, Android.                      Limited language/translations

First 5 is a beautiful app created by women, for women. It is perfect for any woman looking to build a habit of daily reading. The idea is to spend at least five minutes—the first five minutes, as it were—with God, before the business and stress of daily life drowns everything out.

There’s a new verse every day that you can either read alone or discuss with the online community. You can set a reminder in the app so that you never miss a day. There are also other beautifully crafted reading plans available. First 5 is very beginner-friendly, has an elegant design, and helps connect women in the study and love of God’s Word.

7. Bible Study Tools, Audio, Video, Bible Studies

Level: Beginner and up.                      Audio Bible available.
Provider: Christian Resources        
Great resource for all 
Available on:
Android                         Interface is crowded.
                                                  Limited translations/languages

While its interface feels a bit crowded, this app offers many wonderful resources to help build a daily devotion time. There are hymns, daily readings, Bible-themed videos, and a special collection of Biblical Promises and their importance in our lives.

If you have children and want to study with them, Bible Study Tools has a selection of children’s resources as well. In addition, the app has a list of websites and other materials that will help you deepen your understand of the Bible. The fact that this app has so much stuff but remains ad-free and doesn’t have a subscription fee feels too good to be true!

8. Blue Letter Bible

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.        Powerful interlinear texts.
Provider: Blue Letter Bible.                   
Distraction-free, lean app.
Available on:
iOS, Android                      Found it a bit clunky

Blue Letter Bible is a well-known app that offers quite a few powerful reading tools. It is another rare example of free linear text, with Hebrew and Greek lexicons and even some commentaries available without subscription or fees. The bible study apps auto-scroll reading feature runs smoothly and the speed can be adjusted. Highlighting and note-taking are made simple and accessible within the text window.

There are various color themes and fonts to personalize your reading experience. The Blue Letter Bible app is practical, with no bells or whistles to distract in terms of social networking or media. A word of caution is that when this article was written (July 2020), some Android users including myself experienced some frozen panes and other mild glitches.

9. The Blue book

Level: Beginner.                             Well-categorized plans for beginners.
Provider: Lifehouse Church   
Guided journaling feature.
Available on:
Android, Lifehouse iOS app   Not actually a Bible, but a collection of verses.

The Blue Book is a simple app created by Lifehouse Church. It isn’t a Bible so much as a collection of Bible reading plans for new Christians. The interface of this app is basic but easy to use, with each individual study providing verses, notes, and spaces in which to journal your own thoughts.

Studies range from understanding salvation and baptism to classic Bible stories, and also touches on deeper Christian doctrines such as Paul’s letters to the Church. As a church planted originally in East Asia, Lifehouse offers many Asian translations for its apps, although it has also recently branched out to Russian and Portuguese as well. The English translation uses both the ESV and NIV translations.

10. Net Bible

Level: Beginner and up.        Beautiful layout and fonts.
Provider: Bible.org                
Accompanying website with resources.
Available on:
iOS                     No other translations or commentaries.

NET Bible (formerly Lumina) is another app with no frills or nonsense: you can dive straight into the word. NET, or New English Translation, is in itself a translation, so there are no other language or translation options available.

However, the website has an abundance of multi-lingual resources, as well as studies and sermons for every walk of life. The app itself is very attractive, with an adjustable font and color theme and detailed footnotes that don’t get in the way of your reading.

11. Read Scripture

Level: Beginner.                                     Beautiful, engaging animations.
Provider: Crazy Love Ministries   
Perfect for beginners to the Bible.
Available on:
iOS, Android               Limited to the 1-year plan

Read Scripture is a gorgeous and engaging app designed for beginners who don’t know where to start reading the Bible. The app is not itself a Bible, but rather a “journey” through the story of the Bible. Each section takes you through another chapter of the overlying story God tells in His Word, from the fall of man to the Revelation.

Beautifully animated and well-based in Scripture, this “journey” is a perfect place to start your journey with God’s living Word. It is a year-long plan supplemented with media and a well-designed interface. My only complaint is that the app only lasts for so long!

12. Bible App For Kids

Level: Beginner (children).    Excellent selection of languages
Provider: Life.church.              Engaging, fun, educational
iOS, Android                       Phone must be horizontal

This is pretty much the kids’ version of Read Scripture, and it is no less delightful in its creative interface. Bible App for Kids is designed by the same team who created YouVersion, and their artistry shows. The app is engaging, fun, and educational in a Scripture-based way. Kids can choose any “step” along the map of the Bible’s storyline, where they will find a story to watch and a game to play.

Before they can play the game, of course, they have to read the story. To keep viewers engaged, questions will be posed throughout each Bible story. This is also great for reading comprehension! The games are fun and each level advanced will earn a star. This app is very accessible for all ages, with cute animations and excellent audio selections for the visually impaired.

13. Love God Great

Level: Beginners and up (women).   Messaging features
Provider: Subsplash, Inc.                     
Beautiful accessible interface.
Available on:
iOS, Android                   Not technically a Bible.

This is another app designed by a women’s ministry. It has a beautiful interface that includes a messaging feature! Love God Greatly is a very social app, not so much a Bible as it is a collection of studies that is constantly growing.

There is also a blog with empowering and heartfelt messages from Christian women around the world. The app itself does not have any other languages or translations available, but its website has plenty of great resources!

14. Our Daily Bread

Level: Beginner and up.             Beautiful, sleek interface.
Provider: RBC Ministries.       
Several excellent resources.
Available on:
iOS, Android       Various languages and translations

Our Daily Bread is an elegant two-in-one package of daily verses and an assortment of Bible studies found online. You can either enjoy the daily verse or scrolls through a beautifully-designed calendar of daily verses that goes back three years. In addition, this app offers links to online resources for two major reading studies:

The Discover Series, which offers a variety of themed reading plans, and My Utmost for His Highest, a popular devotional that can be read daily as well. Our Daily Bread is not an app, but it is linked to the Bible Gateway which is. The Bible Gateway has an extensive array of different translations and languages, which makes Our Daily Bread a great door for those who don’t quite know where to start.

15. Daily Bible Verse

Level: Beginners and up.             Short, sweet, and simple.
Provider: Adepture.                      
Easy to use interface
Available on:
Android                  Few functions, some might find it simplistic

This incredibly simple app does exactly what its name suggests: it gives you a daily Bible verse. When you’re just starting out though, that might be exactly what you want. Simply set the time you wish to be reminded of your verse and enjoy a daily dose of God’s Word. The app is lean and minimalistic, with the only options being the share button and a few font adjustments. There are only two available translations: classic with the KJV and modern with the NIV.

16. Bible Studies In-depth

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.    Excellent Christian doctrines.
Provider: Bible Studies.                    
No other translations/languages.
Available on:
Android                         ADS and no way to be rid of them.

This is an excellent study app for readers who are new to the Bible and its story. Three overall sections explore questions like, Why were Sodom and Gomorrah punished? themes such as God’s Mercy, and Biblical figures such as John the Baptist. Each study is backed thoroughly by Scripture.

This app takes the user through an in-depth study of pivotal Christian doctrine and faith. The interface is very simple and concise. The one downside would be the absolute inundation of ads, which are made even more frustrating by the lack of a paying option. You’re simply stuck with them if you choose this app. Perhaps it’s a subtle message of Biblical patience or something.

Not-So-Free Bible Study Apps

17. Bible Study – Dictionary, Commentary, Concordance!

Level: Intermediate and up.  Powerful aids for extensive study.
Provider: Igor Apps.                
Accessible interface
Available on:
Android             Might be overwhelming for beginners

Although it isn’t a Bible or a reading plan, Bible Study is a powerful tool to use in combination with both. This app offers features that often make other apps costly: it has commentaries, lexicons, and dictionaries for Biblical terms. Bible Study also offers a daily devotion if you’re uncertain about where in the Bible you should start using it. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, and while there are banner ads, they don’t get in the way and you can remove them permanently for $2.99 USD.

Paid Bible Study Apps

18.      E-Sword - $3.99 USD

Level: Beginners and up.   Unrivaled study tools
Provider: Rick Meyers.      
Sleek interface, user-friendly text
Available on:
iOS                  Lexicons and concordances

Okay, so e-Sword costs a bit of money. It is, however, entirely worth the price. You might have heard the name e-sword before; it’s only recently jumped on the mobile app bandwagon, but has been a powerful tool for desktop users for years now. E-sword is an interlinear text and offers several classic commentaries and devotionals for free.

It has an excellent search feature, as well as an easy-to-use highlighting and note-taking tool. E-sword’s glossaries and lexicons are practically unrivaled. It also has a new tagging system to help you organize your favorite verses into whatever category or system you please. The bible study apps interface is user-friendly and, in my humble opinion, even better than the desktop version’s.

19. Bible Gateway

Level: Beginners and up         Reading app with audio options.
Provider: HarperCollins       
Not too costly content is top quality
Available on:
iOS, Android    All beginner-friendly content is free

Bible Gateway is another powerful and well-known app. Its basic features are completely free, and the free version should work just fine for beginner-level readers. The app has a smooth, clean interface. Its audio Bible has three narrators: George W. Sarris, Max McLean, and Dramatized.

Basic version is free, with a subscription plan or in-app purchases for certain content.

The note-taking and highlighting tools are easy to use: simply tap on the verse(s) you like and voila! You can highlight or insert a note. Bible Gateway has a fair selection of languages to choose from, as well as the basic popular English versions. It doesn’t offer many reading plans and studies in the free version, but there are quite a few good ones for beginners.

This app’s paid content comes into play if you want to delve into the world of commentaries and specialized translations (such as in-depth Greek or Hebrew study translations). These tend to cost what their published counterparts would, which in the case of special translations can be quite pricey. The more expensive options aren’t included in the pro version of Bible Gateway, but you will still be able to buy over 40 commentaries and studies for $3.99 USD/month or $39.99 USD/year.

20. Bible+1

Level: Beginner and up.                       Beautiful, curated reading plans
Provider: Just1Word Bible Apps.   
All beginner-level content is free
Available on:
iOS, Android                The only free translation is NKJV

This app is also free for the most part, especially as far as beginners are concerned. The interface is clean and attractive, with three color themes to choose from (white, beige, dark) and adjustable fonts. Many features are clearly aimed at beginners, including a whole section with guided reading on Jesus and select Bible stories for those who aren’t sure where to start reading.

Basic version is free, with paid content for different translations.

Bible +1 offers quite a few reading plans and studies—one of which is even Catholic, which gives the app a refreshing and welcoming feel. Bible+1’s paid content comes into play if you want to read any other version than the New King James Version. Different translations can be bought individually, or you can pay $0.99 USD/week for access to any translation you like.

There are also commentaries and concordances that are available at their book price; these might not be unlockable via subscription, as they can be expensive. Again, this app is perfectly accessible for free if you’re a beginner who isn’t picky about what translation you read. I would recommend it even if you do have a more modern version that you prefer; Bible+1’s curation of reading plans is perfect for beginners, and can be used in tandem with a different app or translation of your choice.

21. Bible App by Olive Tree

Level: Beginner and up.          All beginner-friendly content is free.
Provider: HarperCollins        
Elegant, user-friendly interface.
Available on:
iOS, Android    Only four free translations

Like all bible study apps created by HarperCollins, Bible App by Olive Tree has an elegant, professionally designed interface and is very user-friendly. There are two color themes: Light/Dark. The font is adjustable for easy reading, and the app has a colorful ensemble of different devotions and reading plans. The free version has four English translations (ESV, NIV, NKJV, KJV) as well as several different languages like Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.

Free for the most part, with purchasable translations.

The paid option comes into play if you want a different English translation or a specific commentary. These are available for their e-book price, as are a vast trove of Christian audio books, dictionaries, and specific translations. As far as beginners are concerned, however, Bible Study App by Olive Tree should be perfectly accessible for free. It’s a great app with features galore to aid in your reading.

22. Tecarta Bible

Level: Beginner and up.             Up to 3 parallel scrolling windows.
Provider: Tecarta, Inc.              
All beginner-friendly content is free.
Available on:
iOS, Android      Ads, a one purchase will cancel them.

Tecarta is a Bible app with a crisp, smooth parallel text-scrolling feature for up to three windows that is free for any user. This is beneficial to readers who want to compare two different Bible translations during their study. In general, Tecarta Bible offers an accessible interface, audio Bible and TTS (Text to Speech) options, and Light/Dark themes.

Basic Translations are free. Most are paid.

The free version of Tecarta Bible offers up to 30 different translations, but its true power does tend to lie on the paid spectrum of the app. Tecarta offers a beautiful spread of devotions, commentaries, and more specific translations for individual fees. These can range from $3.99 USD to the upper 40s.

23. Logos Bible Study Tools

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.   Sophisticated and powerful study tool.
Provider: Faithlife.                               
Professional design, easy to use.
Available on:
iOS, Android               It can get quite expensive.

Logos is an app designed more for the scholarly reader or the Biblical history buff. Even the free version has a built in concordance, meaning you have the ability to look up the original language for every word in the Bible. If you’ve ever worried that some of the Bible was “lost in translation,” this sort of in-depth study might help you understand the roots of Biblical language.

Logos is lean, streamlined, and easy to use. Its features can get quite advanced for the casual reader, but there’s enough free content to learn by doing. If you’re really invested in your history/theology, you can open your wallet and pay anything from $3.99 USD/month to $10,000 USD. The exorbitant price does cover a bundle of commentaries and texts equal to a small library.

Even most college students won’t go beyond the Essentials Bundle—around $49.99 USD—for their studies, so you don’t have to worry about the price tag mentioned earlier. Perhaps only an advanced reader would even need that much; those who want to use Logos for personal growth might only need the subscription, but it’s a powerful tool even if you keep the free version.

Logos boasts such sophisticated tools as a reference scanner (allows you to take a picture of a physical Bible verse to search its database), themed topics and studies, and parallel scrolling windows. It’s a beautifully designed tool, and is only so far down on this list because of its sophistication and price.

24. Accordance Bible Software

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.     Powerful, cost less than Logos.
Provider: Oaktree Software, Inc.     
Android app needs work.
Available on:
iOS, Android                  Free with purchasable content

Accordance has the same aim as Logos: it is a study tool aimed at intermediate and advanced readers. Its interface is slightly less user-friendly than Logos, but the price for any purchases you might make drops a bit as well.

This might be because Accordance was originally designed as computer software. Another major concern is the development gap between the iOS and Android versions: Accordance on Android requires a lot more work, according to some users.

25. She Reads Truth

Level: Beginner and up (women).   Beautiful and smooth operation.
Provider: She Reads Truth               
Empowering women community
Available on:
iOS, Android                Subscriptions is quite affordable
                                                 ✖Limited translations/languages (they are growing).

She Reads Truth is a gorgeous study app created by a global community of women. It has an elegant Bible reading tool with various translations, but She Reads Truth’s major draw is the community and shared Bible studies available both on the website and within the app itself.  While it’s true that most of the larger plans are paid (you can buy them separately or pay a subscription fee of $1.99 USD/month), there are typically 3 to 7-day samples for you to try.

Comment sections for the studies allow you to connect with other women who are reading the same plan. This app also has gorgeous graphics in its interface and available for download, free of charge. You can use your favorite verse graphic as a lock screen, or even take a photo with the in-app camera to make a verse graphic of your own.

26. The Study Bible

Level: Beginner and up             Supportive online community & resources.
Provider: Grace to You            
Everything beginner-friendly is free.
Available on:
iOS, Android     Limited amount of English versions.

The Study Bible has an attractive, clean interface with a full spectrum of color themes and adjustable font sizes. It is best used in tandem with the official website. The Study Bible app has a few of the sermons that stream on the website, along with a few basic devotions and an audio Bible. If you sign up for free on the website, you will also have access to the online community, more sermons, and Christian radio programs.

There are also multi-lingual resources, studies, and more. Even by itself, The Study Bible has a smooth reading tool with an accompanying commentary available for $5.99 USD. However, it should be noted that the only English Bible translations available in this app are the ESV, NAS, and KJV.

27. The Bible Memory App - Paid Version 11USD

Level: Beginner and up.               Powerful memorization system Provider: Millennial Apps           Online community to study with
Available on:
iOS, Android          Only 50 verses allowed for free

While not officially a Bible reading app, The Bible Memory App is a wonderful tool to begin familiarizing yourself more deeply with God’s Word. As the name implies, this app helps you memorize Scripture. Its system for organizing and reviewing each verse is incredibly effective. You may either enter your chosen verse manually, or choose from one of 12 free translations and have the app fill it in for you. First the app quizzes you by taking out select words from the verse, then presents you with a blank page when you’ve mastered the earlier levels.

You can choose either to fill out each word fully, or enter the first letter of each word. The time between review depends on your score for each verse. If you upgrade to the full version, you can examine your progress via graphs and adjust your review time accordingly. Also included in the paid version is an audio tool with which to record yourself, a flashcard tool, and a heat mapping system that will show you which words you struggle most on. However, the free version is still a helpful tool. You can start memorizing Scripture today!

28. eBible - Free with Purchasable Content

Level: Beginner and up.                 Q&A community for beginners
Provider: eBible                              
Android app still needs work.
Available on:
iOS, Android

eBible is a great app for beginners in part due to its extensive Q&A section, in which questions related both to Bible verses and Christian doctrine are answered and discussed by members of the community. eBible’s online community can be found here. While the app’s iOS system is well-developed, its Android counterpart still has a lot of work to be done. The app is available, but it is new and may be prone to bugs.

The interface for eBible is no-nonsense and easy to navigate, with an audio Bible option and accessible note-taking tools. The app itself is free, but some commentaries and translations must either be paid for on a case by case basis or by subscription.

29. Pocket Bible Study App

Level: Intermediate to Advanced      Powerful split-screen reading
Provider: Laidian, Inc.                        
Usually free functions are costly.
Available on:
iOS, Android

The most powerful aspect of this Bible study app is its ability to split your reading screen up to five different times. This allows you to compare all sorts of translations and commentaries for your study. From personal experience, I don’t recommend splitting your screen more than twice on a regular-sized phone; however, on a tablet or iPad, this function is truly groundbreaking. The free version of PocketBible Study App provides 9 English Bibles, 4 commentaries, and 5 reference books for you to explore. Other translations and commentaries must be paid for—at this point, you might be correctly guessing that these books can get expensive.

Most free with in-app purchases.

PocketBible Study App does provide a subscription service for $9.99 USD/year. However, this upgrade covers mostly interface-based functions, including an audio Bible service, a journaling tool, and customizable highlighter colors. Honestly, these are features that other bible study apps provide for free, which is why this otherwise powerful app landed so far down on the list. It’s a great tool for study. Beginners or those who have no interest in comparing texts might be better off with a different app, though.

30. Glo Bible - Subcription Service, Price Varies

Level: Beginners and up.                         Virtual tours of holy sites.
Provider: Information Humanities. 
Media-rich, interactive study.
Available on:
iOS, Android                   The bible study apps have issues.

The Glo Bible is a media-based Bible app that promises interactive tours, commentaries, sermons and transcripts, and more. The unfortunate bit of news is that currently, both the iOS app and the Android app seem to be having technical issues. The reader is still available, and it’s beautiful, with each book of the Bible forwarded by an elegant graphic and digestible information about the history, author, and setting of the book.

The interface is attractive and easy to use. Glo Bible’s unique attraction is the ability to virtually visit locations in which Bible stories are set and to see pictures of Biblical artifacts that have been recovered over the years. If the bible study apps are still acting up, you can always head over to the website, which has everything the bible study apps ought to. I feel a little guilty adding fault bible study apps to this list, but their potential is incredible—and I am an optimist! 

All Good Bible Study Apps Must Come To An End

Thank you for following along with this list! Have you found an app that you think is right for you? Or do you already have one? Please feel free to leave a comment about it! God bless, and happy reading!

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