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Welcome to section 6 of the bible study preparation tool kit!

bible study areapin and help me share the Word

This is quite often overlooked.

Setting your ideal bible study area is probably one of the most important puzzle pieces for having dynamic bible studies.

So you should do it as soon as possible.

After all, we have to sit and write during personal bible study sessions right?  Then it's quite important that our surroundings are comfortable as well, which encourages our best.

Let’s me tell you how to get this done …

1) Choose a perfect bible study area

This could be an extra bedroom, the garage, or a vacant spot in your living room. I found a "sweet spot" in my living room and I have to say: it works quite well for all purposes, including bible study.

2) Deck it with the basics

Your preference may be different. However, make sure to have the basics covered. Make sure that:

  1. It has a medium size table: with enough space for arm rest, books, laptop, and more. Keep it clean, clear and under control.
  2. It is physically comfortable: Be certain that your chair supports you, with comfortable feet space. Make sure it allows for easy reach to the keyboard and notepad, without your shoulders scrunching, and neck craning.
  3. It’s a spot with great lighting: My husband created my own lighting feature to ensure that I had enough lighting for night bible studies ( he is an absolute trouper!). If you focus best in darker lighting, just make sure that the light setting allows you to be at your optimal.
  4. Convenience: you’ll resist your personal bible study sessions less if you don’t have to travel far. Ensure that everything is nearby.
  5. Everything needed is at arm’s reach: My mini office has a small glass table with paper clips, telephone, and wi-fi. A comfortable chair, a vision board, medium size table, lighting, and a bookshelf ( with all tools and bibles at hand reach), a picture on the wall, and note books. Your set up may be  done differently, but having everything in close reach is the goal.

3) Unconventional Ideas Are Always Better!

Now that I’ve given you all those instructions at number 2, you can choose to throw them all out of the window, because honestly, your bible study area does not have to be an office setting. You can use this unconventional idea instead...

And have bible study on your bed!

( I love this unconventional bible study idea by Ruthie)

Or even better ...

bible study areapin and help share the Word

4) Create A Prayer Room

Glowing from being in his presence and burning from the intimate communion between you and your Lord, there is no better time for bible study!

I have to admit that I jump between two areas: my mini-office and my prayer room.  But my ideal bible study area is my prayer room.

My prayer room may be simple with just an altar, a small table, proper lighting, and scripture verses plastered on the walls, but it also has four things that makes it quite a comfortable place for bible study:

  • My Prayer room has ‘a bed’: It’s not too small and very snug: My bed has dual roles as a place of prayer: when I don’t want to kneel; and a place of bible study. Right after prayer, with the presence of God in the room, I would spread my bible and tools out on the bed and begin bible study continuing the communion between me and God. It is absolute bliss! And makes it easier to get into the enjoyment and flow of bible study.
  • My Prayer room is spacious: I removed anything that’s  “clunky and junky”. I’ve realized that in order for me to really be comfortable, I need a place clean and clutter free. Size really does not matter, just make sure that it is clean, clear and under control.

          To do this:

  • Remove any and everything from on the ground: allowing you to move around effortless as you think.
  • Remove everything that is not important or needed from the area. Just seeing boxes, papers, cans, bags etc, tends to make me feel ‘overwhelmed.’ So to feel comfortable, declutter, declutter, declutter.
  • My Prayer room has proper lighting: Again I say, that good lighting is an absolute must! Being in a dimly lit room, will make if difficult to read and focus.

  • My prayer room has white walls: Here’s a trick: In small spaces, white makes everything seem bigger, brighter, roomy and better! Having white walls can create the illusion that the area is spacious.


I have to say, having my secret hideaway to commune with the Lord really makes my bible study session very special. I want the same for you. So start looking around the home for your special place, and let me see your masterpieces below. Leave a comment and share the love.

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Have A Great Bible Study Area?

Do you have a great bible study area? Then it's time to rave. Share your story with us! You can also choose to include how you made it and a picture.

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