How to Create a Charged Bible Study Atmosphere

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Setting the bible study atmosphere is a critical element for dynamic personal bible studies.

Think about it: you enter a restaurant and you are greeted with the wonderful aroma of delicious food; you hear the humming of happy people, and the clinking of utensils as meals are devoured. You are embraced by soothing music, dimly light room, and a relaxing atmosphere. As you are lead across the room to your table... even before the menu is served, you know that this night will be one of the best experiences of your life - etched in your mind for a lifetime.

That is the power of the perfect ambience!

The experts have caught on to the wonders of a perfect atmosphere. It’s time we do too.

Apart from having an area that is clean, clear and under control, adding the following elements can set the mood and help to get your bible study juices flowing.

1. Music: It does the body good

For me music helps with everything.

Music can change moods and transport you to a whole new world!

Setting the right musical tempo can change a tense atmosphere into one that is calm, relaxed and open.

In bible study, I suggest to regularly have gospel music playing in the background. It keeps you focused, motivated, and energized as your read and study the bible.

Choose some of your best gospel worship songs that is calm and intimate for these studies. My most favorite is song for these moments is ‘In Your Presence’ by Jason Upton. Have your choices running behind the scenes on YouTube, or on another device.

Take my advice, sometimes all you need is one song – on replay - that causes you to connect in that moment.

Try it.

You will experience and amazing change – for the better.

2. Light up your bible study atmosphere with prayer

Prayer always sets the atmosphere for bible study. I briefly mentioned this in my previous lesson, and I will be going more in depth in Section 8, but I had to say it again. There is no better moment for a bible study session than right after your time of prayer and communion with Christ. Your prayer may be 15 minutes to an hour or longer. But when you are through, the atmosphere will be already charged with the presence of God making it easy to slip into sweet communion with bible study. Try it! You'll see.

3. Minimize noise and distraction

bible study atmosphere

Try your very best to eliminate any noise and distraction for your personal bible studies.

You hear the voice of God better when you are undistracted in a quiet and settled bible study atmosphere.

In every bible study session I’ve realized that noise and distraction, tends to break – what I refer to as - my ‘zone’ or ‘flow’. Finding the ‘flow’ again can be really difficult, at times. So to prevent this:

  • Ask your family members for this moment without distraction.
  • Put your cell phone on silent or mute ( or just throw it through the window! lol)
  • Choose a time when you know that the noise level will be at the minimum ( family members is out the house, your kids would be asleep or with the baby sitter, your spouse is watching t.v. etc).
  • Ask family members or friends to note any incoming phone calls


In the end, a quiet, prayerful and inviting atmosphere is what you are aiming to achieve. Including a musical background in bible study has helped me, and it will you, so I suggest you start today.

I hope you've enjoyed Section 7: on creating the right bible study atmosphere, now it's time to move on to the final element - Preparing your heart for bible study. With all these helpful bible study preparation tips, you cannot lose!

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