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This area is dedicated to help you identify and learn how to used study methods.

I honestly believe that every one of us wants to have personal bible study sessions that we enjoy but most of us just don’t know how to begin, and we are left wondering, as we listen to others expound the Word of God..” why can’t I do that too?” ..or ‘what’s wrong with me?’

But I am here to share a secret … it’s all in the methods.

With desire, motivation and study methods  you’ll be soon ‘whistling while you work’ and creating wonderful meals that not only feeds your spirit but nourishes the soul of anyone that you share the word with.

Bible study methods are handy techniques, I call recipes,  that when used with bible study tools, will help to create absolutely scrumptious meals as we feast on God’s word.

Tips as you try these bible study methods for beginners

  1. Speaking from experience, these methods are not hard and fast: these bible study methods can be tweaked and layered to create your own personal style. I will recommend that you view them as foundational training and as you dive in to each method, it might seem overwhelming at first but give yourself the opportunity to grow. And look out for preferences!
  2. Try to do a personal bible study once per week: I am sure you agree that once per week is not nearly enough ! lol.  I should be saying once per day! But seeing that I am trying to remain logical here, and there might be other pressing obligations; making and scheduling an hour within a week to sharpen your bible study skills is absolutely necessary as you begin. So right now, before you even look at any study methods, choose a day and a convenient hour and add it to your calendar. I'll wait ... ( *with music from jeopardy playing in the background*) Done? Ok, let’s continue
  3. Stick with a method you like for at least one month before moving on to another: One month ( that's 4 personal study sessions). Of course, you’re free to continue as long as you like with one method but I will suggest a month as a minimum. This will help you to really become comfortable with this method as you study.  It will be harder to stick with something that you’re not enjoying, so in those cases quickly move on to another.

This guide presents several methods that will have you to be up and running and studying the bible on your own in no time!  They will be written from the easiest and to toughest ( or the one that will require more elbow grease to understand) in my opinion.

Three Beginners Bible Study Methods

There are three methods that I would suggest that you become familiar with right off the bat! That's why I am introducing them to you in this beginners section.They are:

  1. Reading different bible translations
  2. Literal and spiritual
  3. The Questions method

These three bible study methods for beginners are simple to understand and can be very fun to begin; They will have you studying your bible in no time.

The other reason for identifying these bible study for beginners methods now, is that when added to every study methods to follow, they can pack a serious punch! Making your study session even better. So I recommend you do just that: learn each bible study method then before moving on, add one or of these beginners methods to your bible study and see it magnify your personal session 10 fold!

Just using one of these can make a bible session meant for 1 hour, turn into days on the same topic!

The real McCoy: top 13 Study methods

  1. The Devotional Method
  2. The Chapter Summary Method
  3. The Character Method
  4. The Bible Theme Method
  5. The Character Method
  6. The Topical Method
  7. The Subject Method
  8. The Word for Word Method
  9. The Book by Book Method
  10. The Book Background Method
  11. The Chapter Analysis Method
  12. The Book Summation Method
  13. The Verse by Verse Method

Four advanced study methods: taking your study to a whole other level!

  1. Word Studies
  2. Hebrew/Greek In depth Method
  3. The Law of First Mention
  4. There are meaning in Numbers

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