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Bible Study Notebook

Today I will show you the exact bible study notebook set up that I use for my personal studies; teach you how to create a study notebook in a simple step by step video; and show you the 2 tools that you will need to get it done.


Because your notebook is the most important - can't leave home without it - tool for bible studies.

When this is all set, everything else is gravy!

Imagine having a whopper of a revelation hit you like a thunder bolt, and then two hours after you're wondering "hmm,what was it again?". This has happened to me, and I hate it!

Jotting down my thoughts, revelations and research in a safe place ensures that I don't lose pertinent information. And you should do the same.

But your notebook will become so much more ...

Let's first watch the 2 minute video set up, and then I'll insert the details for you, below.

Step 1: Got A Notebook and A Pen? - Tick ...

Although I love to see colorful bible journaling that's floating around the web, I am sad to admit that I  am not much of an artist ( as you've seen from my terrible drawings in the interactive bible study videos for the book of John) , so I'll leave that to the experts.

The basics - a pen and a notebook - is more than enough, to get started. And I am sure you have both at home already.

Yes, I still prefer pages over electronic gadgets and writing over typing any day ( and nope, I am not 100 years old ;).

Get a thick, spiral, portable notebook. This will save you time, money and energy. They are

  • Thick: enough to hold loads of notes without having to change them every week
  • Spiral: so that the pages can lay flat while in use. I hate having to force a book to obey me and remain open, while I am writing or researching.
  • Portable: Your notebook should be just right: small enough to carry with you in bags, or in hand without feeling uncomfortable

For now, I've settled on Tops 150 Sheets College Rule Notebook that meets all three criteria.

But, that doesn't mean that I won't make changes in the future if I find a bigger and better bad-boy! Share your favorite type of notebook below, and why, to help others with their selections.

Step 2: Your Bible Study Notebook Should Have Three Main Sections

make a bible study notebook

Here's the Layout ...

bible study notebook sections

My bible study notebook is separated into 3 main areas ( first area starts at the back of the book, then comes forward)

  • Section 1: Last 2/3 pages of the note book
  • Section 2: Next 20/30 pages of the notebook
  • Section 3: The rest of the pages in the notebook

I prefer to have my notes at the front of my notebook. So, this method works best.

This means that most of the pages of the bible study notebook will be at the front, leaving the final 22 or 33 pages ( depending on your preference) to be sectioned in two areas.

However, you can reverse the process having the first 2/3 pages at the front, and the next 20/30, right after.

All that matters, is that there are 3 main areas.

Step 3: What Are These Sections For?

  • Section 1- 2/3 pages: This is where your bible reading plan will be: Download and store your bible reading plan in this area for easy access.  Leaving 2 or 3 pages allows for 2 or 3 plans in each book.
  • Section 2: 20/30 pages:  This should be more than enough pages to write the questions and bible study topics that jumps out at you as you read through the verses of scripture.

So, your bible study notebook will not only be for note taking but also, bible study topics, and reading plan. All in one place.

  • Section 3: All the rest: Goes without saying - this is where the real notetaking/mind mapping/researching happens.

And that's all there is to it.

Do You Like This Bible Study Notebook Set Up?

Drop your questions or comments below, I would love to read them. In an upcoming video, I will be sharing 3 tips on using this notebook set up.

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