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Here’s 5 popular bible study note taking techniques and tips to get you started with bible study; plus 1 helpful guide, if writing notes is not a possibility.

  1. Technique #1 :
  2. Technique #2 :
  3. Technique #3 :
  4. Technique #4 :
  5. Technique #5 :
  6. Note good at writing notes? Here's some options for you.
  7. And your free notebook

Bible Study Note Taking Technique 1: Sketch & Write

Some may refer to this note taking technique as doodling or bible journaling.

I really do enjoy drawing [ in my mind], but for the life of me, I cannot transfer this to paper. I am terrible, lol.

If you are a visual learner or just quite artistic, this sketch-and-write bible study note taking technique is probably for you.

I was first introduced to this Sketch & Write note taking technique when an Executive Managers called me into his office to review some information. 

He picked up his notebook, and each sheet had comical sketches referring to the information he was writing about.

I was first amazed, then found myself laughing out loud to some of his sketches. 

I swear - he is in the wrong profession.  

Here’s an example of the sketch and write bible study note taking technique,

I’ll leave it up to you to determine the type, size of your drawings to beautify the notebook, for there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little fun while bible-studying

And no - coloring should not be left only for children.

If you favour this bible study note taking technique I really do think you should visit website like

They have lots of bible journal ideas.

This one is my fave .

However, be sure to take written notes as well. That's the most important part of every bible study.

Bible Study Note taking Technique 2: Paragraphs and Bullet Points

This is my most favourite way to take notes for bible study.

And to be honest, my paragraphs can go on for days!

This method lets you empty all your thoughts and discoveries on paper as you go along in bible study.

Every realisation or observation is first written out in detailed paragraphs. When I say detail, I mean ( my questions, or what I did to research the information/ or what eye opening revelation I've received, every scripture that it coincides with etc), I write it down completely [ one thought may take a few pages]

Then I go on to do some further research; which leads to a few new revelations that might take the form of bullet points or - yes- a few more paragraphs :)

This is an example, but ofcourse you can make this your own little tweaks to make it more comfortable.

Bible Study Note taking Technique 3: Outlines

When the connection is so strong that the information and understanding of God’s Word flows from him to me, soo rapidly, in order for me to capture everything as it is given, I resort to this “outline note taking technique” to highlight the key points in a logical way.

I can then easily review and develop each area, at a later time. Here's how it's done:

YOUR TOPIC starts from the further end of the page :

      - then tab in with the first sub-topic, 

               - then all your supporting thoughts in bullet points, 

               - followed by another supporting

               - then another subtopic goes here

At the end you’ll have an organised sheet of paper with all your points, without all a bulky pages of information. You can even create a reference note to each point ( e.g Unger’s bible dictionary pg 28) for finding additional information quickly.

Here’s an example:

Bible Study Note taking Technique 4: The Cornell Method

This is another useful note taking technique.

As you go along in bible study, jot all notes in the Main Note Taking Column  and all key words and questions in the left column.

After each bible study session, you can either

Summarize your ideas

  • OR provide an overview
  • OR or add footnotes of other articles that can be read that would be helpful to your topic of study

in the summary column

Or if you’re anything like me - you can do all three!

Summing up the information not only helps with easy review but assists with memorization of information.

I tell ya!

I am beginning to warm up to this bible study note taking technique and might just try it out in the near future.

Here’s a printable!: I’ve created a simple “Cornell” note taking sheet. Click here to download and print

Add this sheets in your notebook, as another option to enjoy.

Bible Study Note taking Technique 5 :Scripture Mapping

It's basically, mind mapping but with scripture verses.
I love this pinterest example, from sweettothesoul.com
Here’s a basic example of the “mapping process”, just replace “topic” with the scripture and you are off to the races!

Mapping can take so many avenues and styles. Check out these on pinterest.

With the scripture noted, you can then begin with highlighting words and finding meanings, jotting down brief paragraphs on customs around those times, note personal observations - the possibilities are endless. Each note/word that you write, might lead to other questions and answers: just connect another arrow and continue.


It aids with note taking by beginning with a topic then separating them into branches, showing connections between the topics.

I would recommend scripture/mind mapping only as the initial step, to real in depth bible study. You can then go back to the mapping notes and really put some “meat to the bones” of the words using bible study technique 2, 3, or 4.

After all, there’s sooooo much to discover!

Why limit yourself to a sentence or two?

Not Good At Writing Notes? Here’s Some Helpful Gadgets That You Can Try

These are merely suggestions from a small hunt I did, to give as much help as I can. They appear to be quite efficient, but without trying them myself I cannot feel comfortable providing affiliate links to these products.

So if you do decide to go “a-hunting”, let me know of your experience below!

Let's Look At The Free Options First

Online: There is a website online that writes the words as you speak. Here it is. At time of this post, it was free! It's quite great. I might use it myself.

For Mac Users: Dictator is a software that mac provides free of charge. It transcribes words as you speak. The internal microphone on Mac picks up your voice quite well, but you can use a cheap microphone for additional help. Here's a guide on youtube

For PC: Still hunting for a great one. But people seem to like Audacity. Me- not so much.

Google Docs: Even google has created a free transcription option. It appears to be a great help

These Cost A Pretty Penny - But Great Stuff!

Olympus Voice Recorder and Transcriber

1) Olympus Voice Recorder audio and then you have the option for transcription with one of the Dragon’s App .

Live Scribe Recorder: Saves Notes and Audio Recording To Your Computer

2) Live Scribe: A pen that records, saves notes, replays your meetings, and can upload these notes to your computer ?! ..Well, who needs a secretary any more. lol

What Do You Think?

Now I'd like to turn thing over to you

Which bible study note taking technique is your favorite?

OR maybe you have a tip that I did not cover here?

Either way, let me know and leave your comments below

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