Creative Ways:Finding Bible Study Topics For Personal Study

Great bible study topics are the foundation of every wonderful personal bible study session. Finding these topics is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Actually, topics can be found all around you. And when you are through with this page you’ll be shooting out topics left and right, like an old wild western movie. lol

You’ve done bible reading, now you are collecting your topics, and soon, you’ll be transforming these topics in your personal bible studies. But no rush. We are taking this one step at a time.

So get your notebook out; we are about to find you your first few topics for bible study.

Easy Ways to Find Bible Study Topics

this video is filled with  great ideas; read the transcript here

Here's a few ways to begin with:

  1. Using Daily Bible Reading
  2. Foundation of Salvation
  3. Questions that you can’t quite explain
  4. What’s the topic of the latest sermon?

Beginners Tips To Finding Bible Study Topics

bible study topics

1) Where were you last?

Ask yourself ‘where were you last?’

As you would do when searching for somethings that's lost;

Well this same trick can be applied to finding bible study topics.

  • What were you doing?
  • What did you see?
  • What did you hear?

Is there anything that stands out that can be used as your next bible study?

This can trigger a gold mind of topics for bible study.

  • Example #1:Take for instance, the last place that you were, was at a friend’s house having a conversation; and your friend made a statement or asked your thoughts on a particular matter …can that be a bible study?
  • Example#2: You were just driving and listening to your favorite radio program.  Perhaps it’s was a gospel radio station and something that was said stuck with you. Can that be your next bible study topic?

 Has anything come to mind? Note those ideas in your note book under ‘bible study topics’

2) Your emotions can trigger some great lessons. Think:

  1. Interesting: What has interest you lately? Many times in bible reading, words would pop off the pages of the bible and in no time I would be like “woah I’ve never seen that before?’ Then I would do a bible study on that very topic, that same afternoon, all because I just wanted to get answers. So think interesting.
  2. Surprising: Those ‘Huh! I did not know that; or ‘Where did you get that from’or Noo this can’t be true’ moments and can be really great bible topics to research.
  3. Confusing: You’ve heard sermons; have had conversations; been apart of bible studies; read articles etc : and I am sure you’ve had moments when something just does not quite add up…you don’t quite understand how the person came to that conclusion. Or you just do not have full understanding and you are either a little or A LOT confused.Have you thought of a moment? Good. That topic right there should be your next personal bible study.
  4. Worrying: is there something that you are doing or would like to do, that you are wondering if it pleases/ or will be pleasing to God?  For example: your job might be asking you to do an activity that might be concerning to you?  Here’s a good opportunity to find out more about this, through a personal bible study.

3) All around you are topics

  1. The world is your oyster: Look at the trees, listen to the wind; the sea; the sun; God’s creation: mankind; the music that we listen to: even that has a bible study topic written all over it: for instance, have you ever taken a moment to wonder where did music originate from? Yep! I wondered it one day, and did a bible study on it myself. Amazing things I found out!
  2. The bible: Almost every single word in the very bible that you read IS a bible study topic. I’ve learnt throughout my time doing bible studies, not take a single word in the bible for granted. I have had some amazing personal bible studies just on words like ‘God saw’ or ‘ark’ or a name; ‘Rephraim’: Bless the Lord! There is so much much much much to learn in this bible that we carry and it’s makes me do a jig right now!
  3. You are ever learning, reading and maturing: as you read books; watch videos; listen to sermons, and music; get in and out of relationships; experience pitfalls and triumphs; have a family and obligations; and experience daily life in general;  always keeps your eyes open for bible study topics. They will show up like moths to a flame.

Choosing your first topic

Have you created your list of possible bible study topics? If you have followed the guidance above you should have a few topics written in your note book right now. Now let’s select your topic for your next personal bible study:

Read through all the topics with this thought in mind:

Choose a topic that resonates with you; that excites you; that begs to be answered; that nags you and won’t give you any rest or peace until you’ve got to finally give in and get answers

(I firmly believe that this is God’s way of saying: ‘I want you to focus here’;  This is one sure way to keep you excited about every session)

Now select that topic for your next personal bible study, and on we go to gather your bible study tools! We are one step closer to your personal bible session with the master! Aren’t you excited!

Other Help Ideas

Documenting your topics

  1. Notebook
  2. Workbook
  3. Excel
  4. Binder
  5. One Note

Study bible by topics using these ideas ...

Are you still not finding any topics? To help you find some more bible study topics, I’ve created some topics that you can choose from in each these categories below. You are always free to include other topics as well.

  1. Young Adults
  2. College Students
  3. Couples
  4. Adults
  5. Non-Christian
  6. Ladies /Women
  7. Small Groups
  8. Men
  9. Parents
  10. The New Year
  11. Everyday life

Bible study lessons to munch on ...

These bible study lessons were created for you to dive right in and learn as much as you can about what Christ expects of us as we journey together to spiritual maturity.

  1. Christian Living
  2. Power of Praise and Worship
  3. God’s Master Plan of Salvation
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Leadership
  6. Discipleship
  7. Purpose
  8. Deliverance
  9. Prosperity
  10. Stewardship

Guided bible studies

As the heading suggests, I would really like to help you along the way with your personal bible studies. To do so I will be creating guided bible studies on the topics below that you can do in your spare moments. I hope that they are a blessing to you and stir up more questions within your seeking heart as you chase after Christ.

  1. Blessings
  2. Love
  3. Faith
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Prayer
  6. Hope
  7. Salvation

Any other areas you would like guided bible study on?  Let me know here.

Be safe

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