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There are many bible tools for studying on the market. But not many places show how to use them.   And the manual ( if there’s one) … well … it might as well be written in Chinese, because it leaves you more confused than ever!

So you are left with a tool …

check …

that’s not put to good use all because you have no clue where to begin.

That’s why I created this spot.

As a beginner in personal bible studies all I ever wanted was help. Not just saying ’ Joan, get yourself a bible concordance… or ‘use cross references’ …but ‘actually showing me how to get it done’.

So that’s what I’m gonna do for bible study tools, study methods and finally personal bible studies. I am going to teach you how to use bible study tools and study yourself!

Ok, I’m getting carried away with excitement again…lol.

Let’s go get some answers …

What Are Bible Study Tools?

These are bible study helps: Instruments needed to research the scriptures, understand the culture, the words of the bible and to document what we have discovered. To really study the bible we need tools.

I’m no mechanic but if we were to take apart the engine of a car ( or the whole vehicle for that matter) to understand how it worked; and how it was assembled, we would need have some tools handy like a ratchet set, a spanner, a jack and the list goes on.

The same applies for the bible.

We need tools to really get under the hood of the bible ( so to speak) and really find life, truth; and align the scriptures to see the big plan of God for us.

Apart from the very real benefit of bible simplification, there are many more benefits for using bible tools.

Take my advice and these two tips before we jump in:

  1. Take it one step at a time: Before we go in to list the bible tools that you have available on the market, remember that you really do not need to use them all right now. Just focus on the one that’s manageable for you now. Some bible tools may require a little more elbow grease to really grasp so take it at the pace that works best for you and then work your way up from there.
  2. Always opt for free before you opt to buy: There are some really great bible study tools that are online for you to use free of charge.  We will speak of some later in this page. So unless you are a bookworm like myself, who always prefers something physically handy ( to run my fingers through the pages, and highlight the important words… ahhh, I digress!), please do yourself the awesome favor of savoring the unique opportunity of the 20th century and use the internet! Free, free, free of charge.

List of Bible Study Tools and Uses

  • A Note Book
  • Study Bibles
  • Bible Cross References
  • Bible Concordance
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Bible Encyclopedia
  • Bible Commentaries
  • Bible Atlases
  • The Internet ( Online)
  • Bible Maps
  • Bible Summaries
  • Recorded Sermons/CD/Dvd’s/Manuscripts
  • Hebrew/Greek Bible Keyword Studies

The best bible study tools for beginners

Are you a first time bible study-er? Wondering what tools do you need to study the bible? I’ve got your back!

Although there are many bible study tools on the market, for beginners in bible study these can seem very overwhelming.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I began personal bible studies all I had was a bible and a notebook and I would use google for assistance if I could not remember where a particular scripture verse was taken from. And that’s it! I have to admit, it was basic but I had a whale of a time.

For your beginning stages in bible study I would recommend something similar: A study bible; with cross-references and a note book, and I will eventually show you how to use them. Those are the best tools I would recommend to begin.

As you progress, you can then add a bible concordance to the list, but as I will show you, there is a mini concordance located in the back of most study bibles in the bible helps section.

So see, you do have all you need to begin!

I know that I’ve deflated your bubble somewhat, because you were half expecting me to list a few tools right here, but my job is to gradually take you into to the bible study-ing process; not have you running for the hills because you are feeling too overwhelmed! So trust me on this one, less is better sometimes.

Ready for some good bible study tools to add to that list of yours?

Are you feeling a little adventurous? Or perhaps you’ve gotten the basics ‘down-pack’ already and you are ready to up the ante with some other good bible study tools.

The next bible tool that I would add to your personal bible study is an exhaustive bible concordance.

Wondering why a bible concordance?

Because at this point you’ll be already familiar with bible cross-referencing and using your mini bible concordance at the back of your study bible.

So adding a concordance will be no sweat! Seeing that it will just be providing a wider extent of words to be easily found in scripture.

Trust me, this handy tool is necessary.

That mini bible concordance in the study bible is limited. And you may not always have the Internet handy.

Sooo many times ( in the past and present) I would go to my ‘mini’ looking for a word only to find that it’s not there!

Ahhh the frustration! Especially when you’re right in ‘the flow’; in the very center of a bible study and then you get stumped with no internet there to save you.

I’ve learnt my lesson oh too many times. So my exhaustive bible concordance is ever ready!

There are other options to choose from but my extreme favorite is the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

I would then add a bible dictionary and if you are feeling extremely adventurous bible encyclopedia.

  • What is a bible dictionary?
  • What’s the difference between a bible dictionary and a bible encyclopedia?

Bible Tools Online

There are many bible tools online. Let’s look at some here:

  1. Bible Study Tools Online
  2. Digital bible Study Tools
  3. Bible Study Tools Apps

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