Children's Bible Reading Chart

Searching for children's bible reading chart to print out?

You'll get four cute bible reading charts for kids. And these template are free. They will be delivered to you in pdf, for you and your child to use daily as they read through each bible book.

My favorite is the coloring page printable. The kids can choose their own colors for the animal and also for the tracker. I would really enjoy seeing what cool colors they come up with.

It's now easy for your little one to track their bible reading progress.

children bible reading chart

>>> Looking for free bible reading printables for you? 

children bible reading charts

What Books of the Bible Should A Child Read First

Your young ones may be still at the level where their little minds enjoy children's bibles. These summary books comes highly recommended.

If your child is a little older, here are my choices:

Books From the Old Testament

In this case, Genesis would be a great book of the bible for a child to read first. It tells the story of the first, woman and man, the creation of the world.

Then the book of Joshua: through this story our child will see even in hard times, leaning on God for guidance will help them to emerge victorious every time.

I would then read Daniel: this story shows courage and the will that Daniel had to trust God even when it looked impossible, and he came out victorious. This is a wonderful message to instill in our little ones.

New Testament

All the Gospel books ( Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) are a great starting point for kids, for they teach about the life of Jesus. I find Mark to be the most fitting choice, because it is the most summarized of the four books.

How to Make Learning the Bible Fun and Engaging For Kids

Did you know that I taught children Sunday school for quite a few years? I don't want to toot my own horn ( alright, just a little :) ), but the children often told their parents that they enjoyed every class. 

To be honest, I enjoyed them too.

Here's how I made learning fun and enjoyable for the kids. These tips have worked wonders:

  • When teaching each bible lesson, I came down to their level, and became "like one of them". Children love energetic and exciting atmospheres, so that's what I gave them.
  • There was always a variety of activities to do that kept them from being bored.
  • I taught the bible lessons through bible games: bible trivia, bible craft, bible drawings, bible competitions. They learned because they were having fun.
  • I taught the scriptures through songs that I made up right there on the spot, or I allowed them to create them themselves.
  • I gave them a chance to add their input into each lesson. They loved feeling included.
  • I praised them for every achievement and every effort.
  • I fed them little snacks while they learnt - not after they learnt.

I would suggest to find every means that you can to introduce music and bible games into your child's learning. This will help to make it fun and engaging.

I Would Love To Know How You Enjoyed These Children's Bible Reading Charts

Don't keep me in the dark.

Let me know how your child been using these bible charts or how you intend to use them in the future.

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