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"It's Working For Your Good"

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devotional on trusting God

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28

Hey girl, 

In everything that you are going through, know that "It's Working For Your Good"

"Honestly, I'm facing a mighty trial of my faith right now, and I can say that at times I feel like God does not even remember my name. But when the tears well up in my eyes and spill to the ground, I remind myself, that 1000 years is but one day in the eyes of the Lord, so I might not see the Big Picture right now, but my God is working everything out for my good. So even though I might not see the end, at this moment, I choose to trust him in the present.

For Day 1, Here's what you'll get:

  1. A Printable with Devotional For Day 1: just in case you want to print, or share with others
  2. A scripture card: stick on your mirror, or anywhere as a reminder and memorization prompt
  3. A motivational scripture reading: Having God's promises recited over and over will keep you pumped and strong in faith. Listen, often.

Part 1: Why Didn't God Warn Me?

Imagine being birthed into a family with the undercurrent of jealousy. Leah and Rachel were already in rivalry for the love of their husband. But Jacob loved Rachel - Joseph’s mom.

Visualize being the brothers of Joseph: the son that had their father Jacob’s heart. Envision the love that was doted on him, with his elder brothers feeling left out. I’m sure they felt second place - their efforts being overshadowed by everything that Joseph did.

They were jealous. They were envious, and to some degree probably hated him. But who wouldn’t be?

Then Joseph had a dream and in his innocence he shared that dream with his brothers. The ones he looked up to; whom he thought would understand, have his back and would never hurt him.

He loved his brothers - as he loved all of his family.

But his brothers had other ideas that day.

The jealousy and envy must have run real deep for 10 brothers to consider killing, then instead chose to get rid of Joseph by selling him to strangers; making sure that he would probably never be seen again.

Now imagine the hurt that Joseph felt.

It would have been hard to even hold his head high, knowing that his whole family did not want him or like him. He already lost his mom, and now he would never see his dad again.

He probably cried endless heart-wrenching tears.

He pined for home: wishing that he could redo that day. If he could, he would never have volunteered to go looking for his brothers. And right now this HELL would have been just a bad dream.

I'm sure he wondered "Why didn't God warn me?'. 'After all, God showed me dreams: So why didn't He use a dream to warn me of this terrible fate?' , 'For sure this could not be His intent for my life?' 'To strip me of all I hold dear?"

Joseph was human just like us.

He felt the hurt that we all feel when we experience great sorrow.

But what Joseph did not fully understand at that moment: in his deepest period of vulnerability, desperation, depression, and fear, was that God had a plan …

And his plan was bigger than anything he could ever imagine. His plan was to “Make him a Ruler”, and to “Deliver his People".

"Are you a Joseph?"

Let's chat! Tell me all about it in as much or as little words as you prefer. Just want to get to know you a little better.

Devotional on trusting God: "This is not Normal!"

The inner strength that Joseph had could not have been normal. God was carrying him, as he is carrying you. More in the next lesson.

Devotional on trusting God: "There is a Reason!"

How can any of this work for good? It's hard to see the Sometimes it's only at the end of our journey that we finally see the BIG PICTURE! More in the next lesson.

home: women: devotional on trusting God

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