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You might have wondered about this or maybe you've never even thought of asking. Nevertheless, the answer to this question will prove to be the foundation of these future bible study lessons on healing.

Let me first explain the difference between healing and miracles.

Is there a difference at all?

  • A Miracle speaks of an instantaneous and complete healing that goes beyond any law of physics, and beyond any human ability.
  • Healing, however, is a gradual process which means that the individual becomes completely whole over a longer time period.

Let’s use the many instances in the bible when the blind received their sight. Let’s use these to find examples of bible healing and example a miracle. I have extracted three of these cases.

Let's use that blind to explain the difference between healing and miracles

Jesus healed a whole lot of blind people through out his life time.

  • Mark 10:51-52: Blind man received sight instantaneously just by the words of Jesus
  • John 9:6-7: Jesus spat on the ground, made clay of the spittle anointed the eyes of the blind, and told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam
  • Mark 8:22 - 25: Jesus, takes the blind man away from the crowd, he spat on his eyes, put his hands upon him ( the blind man saw men like trees ), then he put his hand on his eyes again ( saw men like men)

After reading these three examples, you might be asking yourselves ‘Why didn't Jesus give each of these men a miracle (which is instantaneous)?  

Was the scripture trying to say that he could not do that? But we all know that he could have done so if he desired to.

But why then would he bother to go to all that length?

  • At one instance he spat on the ground and used clay….
  • In another instance he carried the blind right out of the city and praying for him twice …

Why would Jesus do all this, unless he was trying to teach, by example?

Remember, Jesus was also a teacher and he has always followed by his 12 disciples and watched very closely.

So Jesus was teaching us by example, and there are some very important lessons that can be learnt by these three powerful examples.

Example #1 Teaches Us That:

  •  In some sicknesses a person will receive an instantaneous  miracle

Example #2 Teaches Us That:

  • There are other sicknesses that will also be healed, by prayer along with using other material or external aids. ( remember the clay?)
  • There are sicknesses that will require some form of action on the behalf of the sick: (Remember that he said the blind man to the pool of Siloam to wash. Do you think that he would have received his sight if he chose not to go?)

Example #3 Teaches Us That:

  • There are other persons that will receive their total deliverance through the gradual process of healing, before every symptom can be expelled from their bodies.

Jesus himself has shown us the difference between healing and miracles. We can receive our deliverance in more ways that just one. He uses many different methods to bring complete healing in the lives of his people.

Why Doesn't God Just Simply Give Us A Miracle?

Although you know the difference between healing and miracles, I bet you would choose a miracle over healing any day!

I know I would!

We might not have the answer to this question but God is a Supreme God. Experience teaches quite a lot and healing process may allow us the opportunity to unlearn destructive habits and learn better practices.

He knows our past, present, and our future. We can totally trust in him that he also knows which process works best, to get us to complete health, and to keep us there.

Be safe

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