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easy bible study methods

You don’t have to be told.

You already know that you need to study the bible.

Everyone says that it’s important for your spiritual development.

But, you stare at a blank page when trying to do a bible study and wonder where to even begin.

You want to, but — for the life of you — you find the process of bible study difficult to apprehend.

To make matters worse 

All the blogs you’ve read and the videos you’ve endured have not brought you any closer, or made it any clearer, how you can actually get one done.

You feel stuck.

All you want is some easy bible study methods with step by step guidance, that you can use to get the most from the little time that you have? 

Well here's 7 methods to get you off to the races.

1) Get A Broader Understanding

Here’s how you can easily find greater enlightenment using definitions. 

Take a scripture that you are reading 

Identify and highlight any significant verbs, nouns and adjectives. Exclude names, and places for this method.

Finally, within brackets, note the English definition of each word, using a Dictionary, as seen below:


Psalms 46: 1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble

easy bible study methods

Just by noting the meaning, we can now see that “God is not only our shelter from danger, but with him we have the capacity to withstand great forces of pressure and He is precise, and fully focused on offering any needed resources and services in moments of difficulty.”

I often use this easy bible study method when beginning every bible study to get more clarity. 

Hope you enjoy using it too.

easy bible study methods

2) Use Comparisons To Bring Clarity

The wonderful thing about the 21st century is the many bible translations that we have at our finger tips. It is ridiculously amazing!

Yes, this abundance in choice can become quite overwhelming.

But here’s the thing, you can use these translations side by side to get greater understanding of the Word of God. 

Here’s an example of 5 different translations side by side:

easy bible study methods

Tip: Including the Amplified Bible Version is a great idea, because it provides even more meaning between brackets. 

Here’s how you can find and compare a list of bible translations online:

First, choose your verse.

Then, follow these instructions in Bible Gateway:

easy bible study methods
easy bible study methods
easy bible study methods

A screen will open displaying the passage in the chosen bible versions.

Now you can read and review the scripture in each translation to get more understanding.

3) Find More Meaning With A Literal Approach

The Literal approach is quite powerful. I use it quite a bit.

Take, Matthew 5: 13 -16: 

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? …

Why would Jesus refer to us metaphorically, as salt?

Because the characteristics of salt suits us perfectly. Doing a little research on salt can help us understand what Jesus was really saying about us. 

Here’s the steps to do this:

First, note all the questions you will research. For this example I noted two, but the sky is the limit.

  1. What is salt?
  2. What is the qualities of salt?

Second, a small search for salt in Google uncovered a few details:

  1. Salt is essential for life; enhances food; preserves; polishes; prized by nations; essential for good health
  2. Different natural salts have different tastes
  3. Pure salt is clear

So if we are “salt” of the earth, then we understand that these qualities are referring to us! 

Amen, Jesus.

4) Pay Attention To What Is Or Isn't Said

This is very powerful because there’s a lot of scriptures that we tend to rush over thinking that what you read — is actually what is being expressed — when at times it is not.

An example of this is the miracle of the bread and loaves. 

If you look closely you will realize that the bible did not say that Jesus fed 5000 souls, its says “5000 men, besides women and children”. 

So this means, if we were to add one woman with every man that would be 10000 souls. And if we were to add 1 child per woman and man, then that would mean 15000 souls.

We may not know the exact number that was there when this miracle happened. 

But we most definitely know, that is was more than 5000.

When we carefully pay attention to the words in the bible, it’s between those areas, that we get some really eye opening moments.

5) Amplify Your Observations

Have you ever wondered how to increase your understanding or discover more on a particular Word in the bible?

An Exhaustive Bible Concordance can help. Although I love having the hard copy, you can use Bible Concordances online.

This handy tool is great for Word Studies because it comes packing with every verse of the bible that word appears.

To do this, 

First, identify a word from the scriptures to research

Exodus 4: 10 “ …but slow of speech. and of a slow tongue

From observing this scripture you may gather that Moses was not a good speaker, or had a speech impediment.

But, is there anything else we can learn about the word “tongue”

Second, in the Exhaustive Concordance, look for the word, and review the scriptures that is identified. 

Browsing just a few of the 129 scriptures with the word “tongue” here’s what you will discover:

  1. It refers to a language : Genesis 10: 5
  2. It refers to a conversation: Joshua 10: 21
  3. It cannot be tamed; unruly; evil; full of deadly poison : James 4: 8

Oh, the awesome stuff you can find!

6) Drill Down Further With This Tool

One of the best way to dive even further into the Word of God in a short time, is with a Bible Dictionary. 

This handy tool reduced your research time in half — if not a quarter.

It will help you to see the big picture and then dives into every topic with more detail and tons of supporting scriptural references as you follow along.

I use the New Unger’s Bible Dictionary.

For example: 

Let’s say you wanted to understand more about “covenant”. Just reading a few lines of The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary you’ll find 

“the term applied to various transactions between God and man, and man and his fellowman. In the New Testament it is sometimes translated as “disposition” , “will” or “testament”, and at other times “covenant”. Each party bound himself to fulfill certain conditions and was promised certain advantages. In making covenants, God was solemnly invoked as a witness.

And I have not even scratched the surface!

Gathering a historical understanding as well as a summarized biblical perspective on every topic can be a great jewel.

7) Go Back To The First Time

In the court of Law, judgement are decided by going back to very first judgement that was given at that time of the first instance and the precedent that was set.

What does this have to do with Bible study?

The bible set precedents too.

In order to clearly understand a the meaning of a word or phrase in the bible, the scripture will give a “key” to the nature or concept of that word. You can find this by going back to the very first instance when it was mentioned.

For Example:

When Egypt was first mentioned in the bible in Genesis 12:10–20 Abram went down and stayed there. From this story we can see that Egypt was:

  1. A place where people went to shelter from famine
  2. Probably had food
  3. Considered evil (Abram though he would be killed for Sarah)
  4. There was “Pharoah”

Every other mention of Egypt in the bible carries the undertone of one or more of the foundational truths that were discovered about that place at the first, then builds upon that concept

Which Easy Bible Study Methods Will You Try?

Here’s the truth

Enjoying the excitement of bible study is not far away any longer. It is right at your finger tips.

You no longer have to listen to sermons, read books, articles or blogs and get blown away while wondering “why can’t I do that too”.

It’s time for you to begin unlocking the treasure of God’s word yourself,

And perhaps even run through your living room squealing with excitement ( yep, I do that at times).

So which easy bible study method will you be taking out for a test drive?

Are you ready?

Let’s do this thing.

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