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You really need to have a bible study note book (or binder) of your own. After all, where will you record all those questions, topics, study notes and hidden revelations, from your time with God?

Because having notes in one place helped me, I've created a free and easy bible study note book for you. It's actually a replica of the way I've been putting up my bible study note book for years.

Expandable Items:

1. Printable Bible Study Notebook Sheets

You'll find a sheet for 1) table of content, 2) bible study topics, 3) bible study notes, 4) bible reading plan. As promised, here's a link to the notebook sheets.

2. Written Instructions.

If you prefer books instead of printed pages (like myself :) this  first video and written instruction       will help with setting up and layout of your bible study notebook. It also explains what you do in each area.

3. How to Use Your Notebook [Video].

In this step by step video I go into detail and learn how to use your bible study notebook to the max! Another link .

4. Note Taking Tips.

If you are looking for tips on how to take bible study notes, here are some note taking techniques you can use.

4. More Helpful videos.

Hope you enjoy using this note.

All I ask for in return is some testimonials.

1) Leave a comment / reviews below.

2) Send me a pic of you using the notebook / or a mini-testimonial video to I will be sure to display them.

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