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Do you enjoy reading the bible?

There may be some reasons that you haven’t been enjoying reading the bible lately. I understand that feeling of frustration! This video can help you find new ways to enjoy the most popular book ever written.

In this video I will share 5 fantastic ideas for getting more out of your bible readings and bringing joy and spice up every bible reading session.

These ideas are simple and actionable:

  • Reading a more easily understood version
  • Reading your bible with a friend or family member
  • Working out if you learn best as a reader, a listener or as a visual learner
  • Changing your location for a better perspective
  • Bible reading discoveries

You can begin today, trying each of them to find your perfect fit.

It may be something as simple as taking your bible and reading in the local park, or maybe something like buying an audio version for long journeys or a commute.

Whatever it is, this short video can help you find the answer!


enjoy reading the bible

Hi I'm Joan Maynard and welcome to Positively Driven Christians where it's all about learning how to love your Bible and Bible study.

Today we are going to be focusing on 5 ways to enjoy the Bible that you read.

 I know there are ample reasons why you might not be enjoying Bible and you might be one of those persons that really would love to enjoy the Bible but you’re finding it very exhausting reading the Bible; and sometimes you fall asleep reading the Bible. So you're wondering how can I enjoy the Bible so that I can read it more and not want to put it down?

So we're going to be focusing on five ways that we can do that today.

1. Reading an easier version helps to spice up the excitement

One of my ways that I always share with people is to try to find a more understandable version of the Bible.

I might be biased in saying that I love King James Version. I do. I really do. KJV is my thing. But that might be biased, and I can't share that with everybody, saying that everybody would love King James Version as I do.

So if you are not one of those King James Version lovers because you find the way that it is written maybe too old-fashioned and some words you just don't understand at all what they’re saying. And the ‘thou’s” and the ‘thee’s’ ‘shalt’ and the ‘therefores’- those kind of words - you just can't handle…

You can always try the more modern version which is the New King James Version of the Bible that brings it into more modern times and try to eliminate some of those ‘thou’s’ and ‘thee’s’ so that you can be able to read it in a more understandable manner.

Now there is also the NIV: which is the New International Version of the Bible. I would have to be…okay fine, it is a little bit more reader friendly: it is. So I cannot hide it from you and say don't try NIV because really and truly it is reader friendly so you’ll probably enjoy using the NIV New International Version of the Bible to read.

However keep in mind that there are certain words that are eliminated in the New International Version and for me that is something that I try to shy away from. I want everything so that's why I stay in the KJV because I want to read everything. I don't want anything eliminated from me.

So if you are using the New International Version of the Bible or you choose to read it, I would suggest to read it in a parallel Bible: which is King James Version or the New King James Version on one side, and NIV on the other. So, when you're reading the NIV you can slip over into the New King James Version of the Bible you'd be able to see two different kind of understandings, and you will not be missing out any information whatsoever.

That's my suggestion: an understandable version of the Bible, will probably make it more easier for you to enjoy the Bible that you read.

2. Get a bible reading buddy

I would suggest to read the bible with a friend or family member.

Yes reading the Bible with a friend or family member might make it even more fun. You can share whatever you read with a family member and they’ll be able to share their views as well, making bible reading more active and enjoyable and what can you come away with to put or apply into your daily life. It makes it a little bit more fun. So try reading it with a family member or a friend or group reading session.

3. Embrace your reading preference(s)

enjoy the bible

I would suggest to find out whether you are a reader, listener or visual.

You may probably be a reader and a visual learner and a listener meaning you prefer to listen to information instead of having to read the information.

For me I love reading, I love listening and I am visual. I am probably all three. So for you which one are you? Are you a reader, if not maybe that's the reason why you are not enjoying reading the Bible. If you are a listener then you’ll probably prefer an audible version or audio version of the Bible so you can listen to the Bible. That might be even be more helpful because you'll be in your home probably doing something else at the same time while you're listening the Bible being read to you; you're traveling on the road and you're listening to the Bible being read to you and that might be your thing.

You might be visual and you prefer to read the Bible while looking at pictures as you go along because you like to have the little stories that goes with the Bible. Either way I would suggest is a good way. I prefer to have some visual aids, sometimes. I like to listen to it and sometimes I prefer to read it.

What I suggest is to find out which one is comfortable for you.

My recommendation if you are listening to the Bible:

In my audible I downloaded the Holy Bible: the complete Old and New Testament Version and it is every single chapter of the Bible I downloaded. In my times when I'm travelling on a bus going somewhere else I’ll plug in a headphone and I'll just listen to the Bible being read to me and I would suggest you do the same thing.

I would suggest you do the same thing. Just download go on to audible in Amazon and you just download the Holy Bible on your tablet, your phone and now you have an audio version of the Bible to go with you. Now, yes, it’s not free it's approximately twenty dollars to twenty two dollars to get the whole complete Bible. You can maybe download the Old Testament first, then you can try doing the other section when you're completed and it's a little bit more cheaper if you do it that way it's up to you.

When the gentleman is talking to me, he talks to me in this kind of like story version of a voice so it makes it kind of alive in my head, I start seeing the pictures when he's reading ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…’ so that might be helpful.

For visual there is this new study Bible that is called the Archaeological Study Bible it has visual aids and it goes along and it gives you some pictures as you go along in your reading so you are seeing different visual aids while you read in the Bible. That is something that you can actually invest in so that you can be able to enjoy your Bible that you're reading.

That's my suggestions.

listen and enjoy the bible

4. Switch locations

Now the fourth suggestion is to change the location that you're reading the Bible.

Sometimes the area that you’re you reading the Bible might be the problem why you're not enjoying reading the Bible. Think about it, if you're in an area that is dimly lit, dark, dreary and you prefer not to be in those kind of areas to read anything whatsoever you're probably not going to be enjoying your Bible, reading it right?

So if you change the location: you go into a park: you listen to the birds chirping and the breeze blowing and you're in a more relaxed area and you're more comfortable and then that might be the point when you start enjoying reading the bible. You go into a cafe and you sit down with a cup of tea, a little bagel and you have your little stuff going on at the table and you put your foot up a little and you read the Bible.

Why not?

Yes you don't necessarily have to be behind a table reading the Bible, you can read a Bible anywhere you go so I would suggest to change your location. If you change your location probably…I think…[it works for me and that I started enjoying reading the Bible more] so I think it would work for you.

5. Try bible reading discoveries

Okay number five…before I decide to leave you alone. Number five I call Bible reading discoveries.

Bible reading discoveries is simple, for me it's like a treasure hunt.

You go hunting in your Bible for particular information and it makes it more enjoyable because now you have a purpose to read the Bible.

So, my last Bible reading discovery was when I was looking for the children of Israel and Jericho walls. I read the whole thing and got the whole idea of what it was all about and I read it a few more times and I'm trying to picture it in my head what was happening around that particular time: how those big walls got down. So, I went to discover some more information. I did some research on Google to find out how thick were the walls; how high were the walls; then I went back to the reading of the information.

and it started becoming more alive to me because now I have more information that I discovered about it. So now I realize that when the Bible said that they went up and in that's because the walls were situated or set out in a particular kind of way. Those kind of information actually helps. So sometimes it might be easier or more enjoyable if you put a topic to it or a reason for reading the Bible.

You might want to discover something particular like, let's see, the ark of the tabernacle: you want to know how it looks, how you was shaped, what's the reasons behind why God chose to create an ark in the tabernacle and so on and so forth. So you go hunting for all the scriptures that go along with the ark of the tabernacle and you read and you get more understanding. Then you go into Google you find more information you find drawings then you come back to the scriptures and you read them more so it becomes more alive to you.

So that is my suggestion in making the Bible more enjoyable.

Trust me if you try some of these tactics it’s going to work for you. Do not give up, we are not giving up, we must get this thing done so do not give up. Try 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to make your next reading session more enjoyable.

So don't forget if you loved this video please share, like, subscribe and stick with me because we are going to be getting more and more information on how to enjoy your Bible, Bible study as we go along. My name is Joan Maynard and as you love God, I love you, bye.

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