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faith without works is dead

My Own "Faith Without Works Is Dead" Testimony

God taught me a mighty lesson about Faith and Works that I HAVE to share it with you.

2 1/2 years into our relationship, I knew that it was time to begin saving for marriage ( call it wishful thinking, but I knew that he was the one).

So I began putting each dime that I had away and of course, like always I prayed for the Lord to make a way. Little did I know what would happen next.

The Lord impressed upon me to put it all ( $1200) into the offering bucket.

lol. yep, that's right

I nearly peed my skin!

First I thought that it had to be my mind playing tricks on me, but when that nagging feeling would not go away I realized that God meant business. So I began to bargain with God ..after all that was my only $1200 and I was saving it for my wedding day.

And he wanted me to give it all up?!

For a whole week, I bargained like Abraham...what about a quarter? or half? or 3 quarts, until I finally gave in and dropped that $1200 into the offering bucket before I could even think twice.

I felt an instant weight lift off of my shoulders.

3 months later, I was engaged, and it was time to plan for a wedding that was suppose to be in 6 months ( with no money in the bank !)

But the Lord performed a mighty miracle for me!

The windows ( more like doors ) of heaven flew open for us and the finances came rolling in. We did not ask anyone for a dime! First my husband began getting several jobs that paid very well. And each cheque came in at the very moment to pay wedding expenses.

Barrels of items for the wedding came from family and friends overseas without us even asking for them! Cakes and wedding favors came.

One day, I sat on my bed with a bill that was due from the caterer, with no idea where the money would come from. Then Auckland came from another room and said " Joan I just came off of the phone with my dad. I believe I heard him say that he sent us $1000US dollars!" - which is 2700EC in our country!

I was so surprised I rolled off of the bed unto the floor in laughter and excitement!

The next day, we went skipping to Western Union, took off the money and paid the bill.

When I say everything was paid for, I mean e-ve-ry-thing that I needed was taken care of. There was no need that was not met. Even the honeymoon, and the tickets were all paid and we still had money for spending!

At the end, when I did my calculations, God gave us a wedding worth $60000.00EC and more. I don't know the exact figure. I was so shocked, I stopped counting at 60K!

Sounds amazing? It was, for me too!

Then the gifts! When we returned, we opened so many gifts with all the items we needed for our home!

God taught me a mighty lesson that day, that there's NOTHING and I mean nothing impossible for him to do. You see, I was holding on to my measly $1200 dollars while believing God for a miracle, when God had something bigger in store.

He just wanted me to trust him and put some works to my faith.

This was a very long testimony but seriously, I just had to share, so that you can be inspired to act on your faith too.

God Honors Faith With Works

Don’t focus only on the big stuff.

Action in the right direction, counts.

It's as simple as that.

God honored my faith because I decided to add works to the mix. And presto….!

It just simply amazes me the way I see God move in my life.

The absence of works go against the Principle of Faith. I love to tell others, ‘If you want to see a man with faith … “Look at his actions’

Actually, faith without works is dead. James explains it better than I ever could. He says

James 2: 14 – 18, 26 (KJV)What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith and have not works, can faith save him?

If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body, what doth it profit?

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

(vs 26) For as the body, without the Spirit, is dead, so Faith without works is dead also.

Let us go back to the scripture above.  James said it wonderfully: ‘what does it profit – or what would we gain – if we say that we have faith, and have not works. He went on to say ‘Can faith save (or deliver) us?

We must not be fooled into thinking that all that is needed is for us to speak faith, and then all will be well. Our faith is nothing without our Works. They are actually joined at the hip!

  • Without works, our Faith is lifeless.
  • Without faith, we will not experience any Gain/ Profit

Our Faith, without Works is Dead.

The root understanding of Works is ‘Ergon’ which means action, deed, doing, and labor

Works means just that …. WORKS! We cannot interpret this word to mean anything other than what it is. Let us not let our opportunity to make a difference in the world slip by, all because we refuse to work. To actually put some form of ‘work’ to our faith.

The root understanding of Dead is  ‘Nekros’  which means inactive and inoperative, broken and defective.


I always get extra excited when I get a clearer understanding of God’s Word.

Do you see what the absence of

  • DEEDS,

does to our Faith? Our Faith becomes

  • inactive,
  • broken
  • and defective.

When something is inoperative, it can no longer function as it was originally intended and therefore cannot bring about the desired results.

My my my… Can you see what James was teaches us right here? This is what the absence of Works does to our Faith. It makes it inoperative.

Let me say this again: If we refuse to put works to our faith, then our faith becomes inoperative. It can no longer function as it was originally intended and therefore it cannot bring about the desired results.

Simple Maths: Powerful Understanding

  • Faith (1) x Work (0)= Dead (0)
  • Faith (9) x Work (0)= Dead (0)

Even if you have faith, with no works to back it up , the result still equals to or will be "0". Now even if you have 9 times the amount of faith and no results, guess what's your results? "O"

  • Faith (1)  x  Works (1)  = Results (10)
  • Faith (1)  x  Works (3) = Results (30)

( Bad Maths. I know :). But Faith is a power house when applied with works. Faith as little as a mustard seed can move a mountain. So then when works is added to faith the results are tremendous!

If you have a small amount of faith, mixed with effort, you will begin to see results. Even if your faith remains as a mustard seed, and your works or effort increases, the results ultimately increases.

I've you every heard the term: You don't need a whole lot, just use the little you've got.

Now imagine if our faith increase, along with our works

  • Faith (1)  x  Works (1)  = Results (10)
  • Faith (2)  x  Works (2) = Results (40)
  • Faith (3)  x  Works (3) = Results (60)

My gosh what a result! As the level of faith increase steadily along side increased in efforts results goes through the roof!

Instead of just believing God for the possible...

my, my, my, if our faith can only reach up to God to believe him for the impossible!

The mighty ways he would show up in our lives!

Speaking Faith

We have common tendency (I am also included) of just speaking faith, but when it comes to action, boy we are so lacking! So we would say ...

  • I have Faith that God will save my family
  • I have Faith that I am going to receive a job
  • I have Faith that God will heal my body

Well, while your are speaking faith… Can you list any works? What have you done in preparation for your blessing?

Knowing faith without works is dead,

did you apply any works to your faith?

So with that said, 

  • Have you at least spoken to that family member that you would like to be saved? Have you told them about Jesus?
  • Have you submitted a resume, for that job you are asking for?  Or walked by faith and made a personal appointment to see the supervisor?
  • What about the healing of your body? Have you at least started to eat better, and take better care of the temple of God?

These are all works! And I can list much much more!

Works comes in many different forms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having Faith that God will move mightily on your behalf, and I am definitely not saying that we should not be speaking of faith, but while we are awaiting for the ‘Rain’ to fall in our lives, it is also very important that we begin ‘Preparing Our Fields To Receive It’.

Since faith without works is dead,

Instead of simply speaking, put some actions to it

In this lesson we have learnt that our faith without works is dead. It's time to apply some work to our faith.

Write on a notepad the list of things that you need God to move on your behalf for.

  • Is there anything that I can do about it?
  • What can I begin to do today?
  • What can you do daily towards accomplishing it?
  1. Create a calendar and put align through each day that you apply some faith towards what you want you have been believing God for.
  2. Keep it in your area of prayer, so that you can daily raise them before the Lord
  3. Ask in prayer for God’s guidance, so you can put your faith to work
  4. Do not simply do nothing. Begin looking for open doors, so that you can apply your works to your Faith

I pray that you were blessed by this lesson and that God will continue to open the eyes of your understanding.

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