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This is where the alarm usually starts going off in the head. Fasting! I can't! Joan, that means I won't eat for 24 hours. I can't do that, I will die. You got to be kidding me. It takes all that for Spiritual Growth? I'm out. I'll just stay where I am.

Let me alleviate some of your fears:

  1. There are different types of fasts and these fasting bible lessons will show you the many ways that we can choose from.
  2. I have fasted many times and as you can see, I did not die otherwise I would not be here typing this message, :).

So if I can do it, you can too.

Why Is Fasting Needed?

Well, it isn't.

Unless, you really mean business with Christ.

Then you will realize that it would really take effort and skill to daily learn how to 'mortify the deeds of the desires of the flesh' and bring our body into subjection' to the will of God.

  1. Fasting not only helps to teach us discipline, but fasting strengthens our inner ( spiritual) man. More on that later
  2. Fasting propel you forward in your spiritual walk: There are certain areas in God, and levels in this Spiritual walk, that can only be attained through prayer and fasting. Jesus said this in Mark 9: 17 - 29, ' this kind can come forth by nothing, but prayer and fasting' There are certain things in life that prayer is only needed for it to be solved, but there are other levels in Christ, such as being able to minister unto the needs of others; being able to heal the sick by your words or a touch. This level, where spirits obey you, and infirmities are loosed from the lived of people. This level, can only be attained through 'prayer and fasting'. There are certain emotional ties that can only be destroyed through prayer and fasting such as addictions, depressions etc.
  3. Fasting causes speedy results: Two words: "It works!" It's amazing how God just turns things around, and open magnificent doors all in response to a heart that chooses to seek in prayer and fasting.

Coming Soon: Fasting Bible Lessons

My question to you is 'What do you want?' What level in your Spiritual Growth do you want to attain? There is so much we can achieve through fasting and prayers that it is simply unimaginable. Jesus' promised that 'greater works than these shall we do' if we just simply apply our selves to the things of God.

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