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Hey everyone, I am Joan Maynard coming to you from Positively Driven Christian.com. That's a website that caters to your spiritual growth, abundant life and divine health. So today we're going to be focusing on 5 easy ways to find bible study topics. It is important to have a bible study, but before we could even begin to have a bible study we need to find a topic.

We may choose to search the Internet to find this topic but I don’t like that option. I like to create my bible study with my own topics.

And I believe that that is something that every individual should aspire to do: having their own bible study topics.

Number 1 : One way to find bible study topics is Bible reading

You may be wondering why bible reading?

But how many persons have gone through this situation.

"You picked up your bible and stumble upon a word, a phrase, a subject, a person, or a chapter that you don't quite understand.” I know it has happen to me.

What do you do in this instance? I usually say 'Oh well, I'll come back to it later' but 'later' never comes.

But that could have been the best bible study I would have ever had.

Write it down in your note book:

  • the person that you would like to get more information on
  • the verse that you would like to understand a little better
  • the chapter that you would like to know more about

and say this will be my next bible study. I will study more on Psalms 1 and verse 1. I will study a little more about Job, because I read something about Job that I don't quite understand.

That will be a nice way to have a bible study. Studying on something that you've read.

Number 2: Foundation of Salvation

It is always good for every Christian to be able to explain what they believe. That's the foundation of your salvation. So one of your friends might ask you a question and you don't quite know the answers: even thou you should know the answers to what you believe.

You should be able to have the information about

  • what ‘believe’ means
  • what ‘repent’ means.

Those are foundational information on salvation.

  • What does ‘salvation’ really mean.
  • You can find out about the miracles of Jesus and the life of Jesus
  • the Holy Ghost and the role of the Holy Ghost in your life

These are foundational information on salvation that every Christian should know about. And these are nice areas that you can focus on for your bible study.

Number 3: Subject

The 3rd easy way to find bible study topics is 'Subject'. Is there a subject that you would like to know more about? Maybe it's 'Joy' or 'Peace', 'Love' or 'Faith'.  The bible says 'the joy of the Lord is my strength' - what does that really mean?

You can put that as you next bible study topic. Focusing on subjects that you would like more information about. That is a wonderful way of finding a bible study topic.

Number 4: Person

Now the fourth way is the person. Is there a person that you would like to know more about?

  • Maybe it’s Saul who turned into Paul.
  • Or maybe it’s Saul of the Old Testament

Maybe its Joseph, Adam, David or Esther. Those are person that you may want to know more about. The life that they lived and how they got converted from what they used to do, to believing in God. Those are wonderful ways to find bible study topics.

Number 5: Question

Is there a question that you can’t quite explain? Did you friend come to you and ask you a question about Jesus or a question on Christianity that you do not know the answer to? Put that as your next bible study, so that when the question arise the next time you will have the answer.

Questions like

  • ‘Why do you go to church?’
  • Why do you give offering?
  • 'Can I go to heaven living a moral life and not become a Christian?'

Those are basic questions that your friends or coworkers may ask, that you do not quite have the complete answer to. You might be able to give them a sentence of an answer but it’s best if you get all the information just in case you have a situation where you need to explain, you can do so to the best of your ability.

Don’t forget the bible says ‘study to show yourself approve...’ so that is what we are trying to do here.

Here's an excellent bonus

I have a bonus for the 5 ways to find Bible study topics. It is a wonderful bonus because I use it all the time. For my bonus, I am going to ask you a question: “What was the message for the last Sunday sermon?

Maybe its Sunday morning or Sunday night sermon or even both morning and night. What were the messages? Do you remember? That can be a wonderful way to find a bible study topic.

Because remember, we are not suppose to be just hearers of the word but doers of the word also. So if you

  • take notes during services
  • and then you go home and sit down and go back through those notes
  • studying what you got
  • meditating on it a little

those information would be more grounded in you just in case down the road we need that information, its remembered.

So the next Sunday sermon, write it down and focus on this as your next bible study topic.

Now don’t forget these were 5 easy ways to find bible study topics. I am hoping that everything that I have said will be of some encouragement to you. If it was, like below and share with friend and family

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Be safe

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