Unconventional Gift Ideas For
Your Christian Wife That Will
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Let me be real with you a sec.

You may have a Christian wife, but she's no less a woman.

And within every woman is the desire to feel appreciated, loved, and cherished by her husband.

Take it from me - a Christian wife myself - that secretly wishes her husband would get the message. ( truthfully, guys, can someone send him an anonymous email :) )

I will not be listing generic Christian gift ideas for her, like teacups ( with I love Jesus printed on the front). You can probably find that anywhere.

If that's what you are looking for, this post is not for you.

In this post, I will help you knock her socks off!; by presenting gift ideas for your Christian wife that will show her that you are thinking of her.

If that's the kind of gift you are searching for, then.

Read on, my brother

Read on.

Gift Idea #1 For Your Christian Wife: An At-Home Spa Day

 Give her a gift she'll always remember.

The present turmoil may have prevented her from enjoying a good salon treatment. But, that does not mean the party cannot come to your home. 

Schedule one of the beauty salon specialists to do a house call.

Your budget may allow one or ALL of the following:

  1. Pedicure
  2. Manicure
  3. Facial
  4. Hairstyle
  5. Massage

Trust me, she will be over the moon ecstatic that you thought to do this for her, even if you only do one of the above.

Setting it up is easier than you may think:

Step 1: The Hunt

  1. Find the beauty salons in your area
  2. Make a list and then call to check for their willingness to do house calls
  3. Compare prices for doing facials, pedicure, hairstyles, massage, manicure and make your choice
  4. Make the down-payment

Step 2: The Prep:

  1. Choose a day your wife is generally at home ( so the likelihood of her being called away is minimized)
  2. If she's one busy momma, consider getting her a day off from work; get a baby sitter/ family member to take care of the kids 
  3. Set the appointment with the beauty salon at least 3 weeks prior to confirm the booking; then finalize 3 days before 
  4. Find a great spot in the home for the spa day ( extra room? living room? bedroom?
  5. Is there anything else you'll have to take care of, for this event to happen without a hitch?

1 Day Before:

1) Create a card: it can be a handwritten note or as elaborate as a printed/store-bought card.

  • In it, let her know that you appreciate all that she does ( taking care of the home and the children; etc)
  • End by saying that tomorrow is her day off. It's called " .... Day at the Spa"
  • Make sure to let she knows the time the Spa Day begins

2) Give her this note/card the day/night before the Spa Day. 

She will be beaming with excitement!

A bonus:

  • You can create a little snack tray and put a bell for her to ring if she needs your services. Encourage her to ring the bell :) You are at her beck and call today :)

With just a little effort and a little maneuvering on your part, you can create this gift idea for your Christian wife at minimal cost.

So try it.

You can thank me later.

Gift Idea #2: Support Her Hobbies With A Subscription Plan

Think about everything that your wife enjoys. What are her hobbies? Is there some way you can help her take that hobby to the next level?

  1. Does she love books or audios - like me?  - Let her go crazy a little with a monthly/annual subscription plan from Amazon Audible; Scribd; or Christianbooks.com
  2. Is she like Rachel Ray in the kitchen? - Try Hello Fresh or Sun Basket
  3. Is she sooo into gardening it's scary? -  Try these gardening subscriptions
  4. Does she enjoy keeping a pristine home? - Try Good Housekeeping Membership Club
  5. Does she enjoy feasting on items that grow her faith? - Try the Faithbox
  6. Does she have strict food restrictions? - Try Snap Kitchen or Purple Carrot

Gift Idea #3: Give her the Gift of Designer Perfume -On the Cheap

Scentbird.com has revolutionized how you buy designer perfumes. It's designer perfumes that come in little capsules. Each perfume is a 30 day supply that she can carry in her purse easily.

For a monthly subscription of $15, she can choose from over 500 fragrances, skincare, makeup, and wellness products. Find the item she wants to test drive, order, and it will arrive at her doorstep. Each month, she can test drive new fragrances.

Gift Idea #4: A Little Robot Vacuum Called Eufy

A mom with multiple kids will be grateful to have this little helper around the home.

This gift idea sounds expensive, but I was interestingly surprised that it was not that expensive at all. Check out the price on Amazon.

Gift Idea #5: A Romantic Dinner Indoors

This will be a great gift idea for your Christian wife. But this will only be a surprise if it's not something that regularly done.

The Prep:

  1. Set the meal: - You can either cook for her - creating a recipe that she will enjoy -, order in, or hire the service of a local chef or caterer.
  2. Set the service: If you can get someone to be your waitress/waiter for the evening, that will work even better.
  3. Set the table: Taking out the best china and utensils for the evening should not be a problem
  4. Get her a small token of your appreciation: it could be a card or a small gift - your choice
  5. Don't forget the desert! :)

P.s. If you are going to be the chef for the evening, you can get into character by buying a cheap chef's hat on Amazon.

When I did this for my husband - I purchased a cheap Chinese dress from Amazon to go along with the Chinese theme for the evening. He was truly blown away. He talks about it still - every year.

Gift Idea #6: Aromatherapy Miniature Bath Oil Gift Collection

There's nothing like a warm bubble bath and a soak in the tub after a tough day. This gift idea for your Christian wife will have her thanking your for months to come.

An assortment of 10 relaxing bath and shower oils that will keep her smelling lovely and feeling wonderful. Check it out on Amazon

Gift Idea #7: Not Just Any Kind Of Jewelry. Get Her Name Fashion Earrings

Ahh the wonders of jewelry!

But this time put a little thought into your gift. Get her name jewelry.

A personalized jewelry for a woman of fashion is a great gift idea for your Christian wife. 

Gift Idea #8: A Timeline Photo Collage

Many years ago, my husband gave me a photo collage with pictures of us when we were two years old right up to the time we got married. It was so well thought out and put together. I cherish it until now.

The Prep:

First, go through all the pictures of the wife in her childhood years. The further back you can go, the better. Find photos of you that are around a similar age range. It can be something like this:

  • picture of wife at birth / picture of you at birth
  • portrait of your wife at age 2/ picture of you at age 2
  • photo of your wife at age 7/ picture of you are age 7
  • photo of your wife in high school/ picture of you in high school
  • photo of your wife in college / picture of you in college
  • picture of you and your wife when you were dating
  • picture of you and your wife when you got engaged
  • photo of you and your wife when you got married
  • picture of you and your wife with child #1
  • Any other pictures that are important

With these matching pictures, asked a photo-studio to create one complete image - using the photos of you and your wife - keeping the images of similar ages side by side.

The finished product will look like you were always together - even at birth. 

It will make her heart turn to mush.

Gift Idea #9: An Air Fryer

I am not a fan of giving or receiving appliances for any reason from my spouse, but this is one of those things that will make her life so much easier that I'll make an exception. This Air-Fryer makes cooking easy and super easy to clean. Check it out here

Gift Idea #10: Personalized Love Letter Blanket

This gift idea for your Christian wife is bound to be a tear jerker!

Write your own personalized letter to your wife then have it printed on a blanket and given to her. I am sure she would be speechless.

Check it out here

Gift Idea #11: Inspirational Christian Bar Necklace

These charmingly simple necklaces are not just beautiful but comes with their own message. You can choose your inspirational words and each necklace comes with a little bee on it. How splendid! The whole shop is filled with wonderful gift ideas for your Christian wife. Check it out here

Bonus Gift Idea #12: An Indirect Gift For Her

I believe this might be the best gift yet. But it's a gift for YOU that she will in-turn reap the benefits. 

Written by a Christian couple Debra and Daniel Smith, this book shows you little everyday proven ideas to woo your wife, make her feel loved and spoilt ( in a good way) and your marriage sparkle.

I read both romancing your wife and husband and their suggestions were so on point.

You can buy it secretly, read it and put it into practice. One by one. She'll love you for them all! Check it out here

Enjoyed the Gift Ideas For Your Christian Wife?

Which gift idea for her will you choose? Is there any suggestions I left out? Don't forget to let me know the results.

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