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There are 5 Essentials for a great bible study. You'll find that these are universally important steps that we all should embrace before we can even open the bible to study, and even during each study session.

Getting all these five tips right means that you are one step ahead, ready to have a great bible study session.

Watch this short video to learn more.

1st Essential For A Great Bible Study

The first essential for a great bible study is Desire.

When I first began to prepare myself for this lesson, I sat down and asked myself, why did I decide to study my bible? To be honest, it was because I  was told to do so.  That was my very first reason, but that is not a good reason why anyone should study his or her bible.

Lack of a real desire is one of the main reasons why people struggle in bible study. Some of us are just simply following the instruction of doing what we were told is needed for Christian living, but there is no true desire to do so.

We might have seen someone studying his or her bible, and thought, hmm that might be a good idea, let me try it, or heard it in from a Pastor.

But, it turned around for me the day I began to have a true Desire to Know.

Desire is defined as “ a strong feeling of wanting” something

So if you have a desire to know, it is the foundation for everything.

Before you decide to build a business, you must first have an idea and a Desire.  This desire drives you towards your purpose. 

We Need the "Desire to Know"

What exactly do you want to know?

You might want to know a little bit more about creation, about God, about Jesus, salvation. But it begins with a desire to know. So, think about it, what do you want to know?

You can decide to pick up a pen and paper and right down all the different things that you would like to know.

And that is where it all begins.

This list will help you on the journey to a better bible study. But it starts with the list.

What do you want to know?

Do you want to know about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Lot? Did you here about Joseph but you don’t understand anything about Joseph? Do you want to know more about Abraham? Do you want to know more about spiritual growth?

You must find out exactly what do you want to know.

But there is more ...

We need to also have a desire to grow

First we must have the "Desire to Know" and also the "Desire to Grow".

So lets put it all together. First you need to make a list of the things you want to know. Your list can be as tall as the Eiffel Tower right down to the ground but it’s a list of things to know in the bible.

Yes, so you have your list.

But a bible study is not just about acquiring knowledge, its also about applying that knowledge to your life, right?

The reason for a bible study is for you to put it into practice so that you can grow spiritually. So you have to make sure that your desire is not only to Know but also to Grow.

  • So you want to grow closer to God.
  • To get stronger spiritually.
  • To grow more mature in Christ.
  • You want your feet to be planted in the gospel so much so that there is nothing that can sway you.

So when you put these two together that is the first Essential for a great bible study. 

Let’s move on to find out the Number 2 Essential for a Great Bible study.

 Thank you very much for listening.

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