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Is there a Difference between Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost?

The Difference is found in the biblical translation that is used.

In the King James Version of the Bible, which so happens to be my favorite version, the word Holy Ghost is used in almost all occasions, when referring to the Spirit of God. This is the reason why, during the course of these Bible study lesson, you may find me using the term Holy Ghost more often than the other.

In almost every other biblical translation, the term Holy Spirit is used.

I prefer to use the term Holy Ghost because in this 21st century the word 'spirit' is often used ambiguously and is open to so many interpretation, making it unclear as to what anyone is speaking about.

When we say 'ghost', however, it refers to only one thing: A personal immaterial being'. It can never be misunderstood for anything else.

Does this mean then that saying Holy Spirit is incorrect?

No not at all!

Once by saying Holy Spirit you are referring to the indwelling Spirit of God,  which is the comforter that was sent as our helper and guide on this is journey through life. Then we are on the same page.

So Holy Spirit vs Holy Ghost? Which one is correct?

... Both. It is a matter of the heart.

I pray that this Detour, help clear the questions that you may have had in mind.

Let's now journey into Lesson 1: What is the Holy Ghost? I promise, You shall be blessed!

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