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You may be wondering how to pray when you do not know what to say to God. This lesson offers some tips to guide you. Also, stay to the end of the lesson for the dance session!

In this video you will learn:

  1. 4 ways to pray when you are so emotionally overwhelmed that you are lost for words
  2. How to reprogram your mind to pray the right way
  3. What prayer is really suppose to be , and why it doesn't take a lot of words to pray correctly
  4. What should you do if you feel unworthy to approach the throne of God?

Here's A Few Take Away Points When You Don't Know What To Say In Prayer

how to pray when you dont know what to saypin and help me share the Word

Usually we are at a loss for words because of one of these 3 reasons:

1) Emotional Overwhelm

Something happened that caused you to be overwhelmed with worry, fear, frustration, anger etc. We are after all human, and this happens. When it does, it can prevent us from finding the words that we want to say to God to express what you are feeling at the moment.

This happened to me when my mom died. For a few days, I was just speechless with grief. There were truly no words to   say to relieve the hurt.

So, how to pray when you dont know what to say? Here's what we can do in moments like this:

  • Sing: Find a song that screams the sentiments of your heart and sing or even hum it to God. Because prayer is a heart to heart conversation with God, singing from the heart, touches God as much as speaking words.
  • Cry: tears is a language that God understands, so if tears fall in this moment, let them, God gets the message loud and clear
  • Pray the Word : David had a way of expressing his innermost desires to God through Psalms. Why reinvent the wheel, choose a Psalms that expresses your emotion, or what you would love to say and repeat it to God. That can take the place of any words you can say.
  • Groan: The scripture says that the Holy Ghost makes intercession for you with "groanings" that cannot be uttered. Groanings can wonder if words are scarce. A deep groan from within expresses to God exactly what you are feeling when you dont know what to say in prayer.

Trying to Find the Best Words or Longest Sentences

We have been wrongly programmed to think that we have to find the best words, or the longest paragraphs when praying to God otherwise we are not praying right.


1 minute of honest, heart to heart conversation can be more powerful than a day long prayer of words done through lip service .

Prayer is a heart thing. So it's not necessary to try to find the best words. Just be real, and honest, and genuine. Be open and authentic with God. Tell him what is on your mind, what you are feeling. God is an approachable God who wants to be your friend as much as your master.

Would you have trouble telling your best friend you worries or fear? Or the most exciting thing that happened to you today? Would you have problems asking your best friend's advice? Well its the same thing with God.

Share your honest words with him.

3) Feeling Unworthy or Guilty

We all mess up.

Messing up or not living up to the promises that we spoke to God in our intimate moments can make us feel unworthy or guilty to even pray. After all, what can we really say to God at that moment?

But know this, that if we live every day we are bound to mess up at some point. We are not perfect - yet - even though we are trying daily to shed weights that so easily occupy us.

So, if you would do with any other person - be it your child, or wife, boss, or friend - do the same, and ask God for forgiveness and help to overcome. Run to the feet of Jesus, don't hide away behind a tree like Adam did

There is no need to run and hide from God when he wants to be there for you.

Bottom Line

So, if you are wondering how to pray when you do not know what to say, remember, p rayer comes from the heart and should be personal and real between you and God.  So choose the best way to express the innermost parts of your heart, whether it be through singing or through a Psalms.

God hears your unspoken prayer.

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