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  • We know about the importance of reading the Bible but sometimes it gets very confusing as to how to read in the best way to get the most out of it
  • If you are wondering how to read the bible effectively, here are five tips to try TODAY to get out of your head and start reading bible with greater purpose, direction and understanding
  • Watch the video to get the full training
  • Learn the bible reading prayer that I use before bible reading and bible study that you can use today.
  • Learning two ways to be attentive in bible reading to get more out of bible reading


Hello everybody welcome back to Positively Driven Christian where we are changing  the way that we hear people talk about Bible study. And today, I just feel all pumped, and lively, excited and happy. What about you?

So we’re gonna be talking about today how to read the Bible effectively.

And we are going to be giving 5 main tips on how to read the Bible effectively, so let's jump right in.

So we're going to be talking about that today the first way to read the Bible to get the most out of the Bible is:

Step 1) Pray First Before Reading The Bible

I know you probably thought that prayer would be first on the list. Prayer is definitely important, before doing anything concerning spiritual maturity. Anything whether it's Bible study; or it's fasting prayer. I'm going to mention two main ways that we can get prayer done.

a) Read The Bible Reading After An Intense Session of Prayer

What I realized is every time I go down to pray and I pray intensely: really putting in some effort in prayer and then I get up and open the Bible to read, it's like the words of the Bible pops  out at me – it’s like woah! It’s just a fresh experience and I suggest you do the self same thing: after you have already done some intense prayer and spent a lot of time before the Lord - 15 minutes; 30 minutes; 1 hour; 2 hours - at that moment when you get to your feet, open the Bible to read and you’ll realize what a difference it makes. All of a sudden things that you did not see the last time, or words you may have skipped the last time your read – comes to life!

b) Here's My Prayer I Use Before Bible Reading

The Lord gave me this particular scripture in church as I was sitting to the back of the church in some benches. At that time I was wondering what I should do when it comes to Bible study to make it better and the Lord gave me this particular scripture that I would like to share with you. It's in Ephesians 1 vs 18. It says: “That the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of his calling and what is the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saint”. All I would do is make it personal and replace the words with my name. I would say “ Lord help the eyes of my understanding to be enlightened”. I have used it for years, and it has worked for me so I suggest you do this yourself. So that’s one tip on how to read the bible effectively.

Step 2) Slow Down

Slow completely down. We are not running a sprint, instead we are taking it at turtle-pace.

Every single word is important. So when we read the bible at a particular speed we tend to miss things that we would have seen if we paid attention and read slowly. This will help to make your bible reading experience more effective.

how to read the bible effectively

Step 3) Pay Attention to What Is Or Isn't Said

This is very powerful because there's a lot of scriptures that we tend to rush over thinking that what you read - is actually what is being said - when at times it is not. 

Take for example: John 1 or 2 that says “Behold that Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world”. But we tend to say “sins” of the world, when that particular scripture did not say “sins” but “sin

When I realised this, I started wondering what message the bible was trying to leave with me. Is there a particular root sin that encompasses everything else? When we start realizing that we have been reading the word incorrectly at times, we will begin to have a new understanding of the bible.

Another example is the miracle of the bread and loaves. If you look closely you will realize that the bible did not say that Jesus fed 5000 souls, its says “5000 men, besides women and children”. So that means, if we were to add, one woman, per man that would be 10000 souls. And if we were to add 1 child per woman and man, then that would mean 15000 souls.

What I'm basically leaving you with today is, as we learn how to read the bible effectively, pay attention to what is as well as isn’t said and it’s between those areas that you will get some real eye opening moments.

Step 4) Go Back To The Chapter Or Verse Above

The Bible was not originally written with divisions or chapters or segmentation. It was completely one script. As time went by, divisions and chapters were added. So in order to understand the meaning of a verse or chapter, at times you may have to go back to the verse or chapter above for greater clarity or even a better perspective.

John chapter 8 vs 1 says “ And Jesus went unto the Mount of Olives”

At first read, I took those words as normal. But then I jumped up to John 7:53 which says “and every man went unto his own home” and what a whopper of an understanding I received.

Every man went unto their own home, while Jesus often separated himself unto the Lord in the Mount of Olives! They went unto their daily lives, their family, their work, their assignments; the many care of this life but what did Jesus do - turn - and always separated himself unto God 

Then I brought it until myself , “what am I doing with every opportunity that I am given?” Am I separating myself unto God? So going back to the chapter above, and the verse above gives greater enlightenment.

how to read the bible effectively

Ask A Boat Load of Question

Ask questions , then go find the answers.

Start with What? How? When? Why? Where? Who?

  • Ask who is speaking here?
  • To Whom was this message intended?
  • For what reason?
  • What does “purification mean”?
  • Where is “Bethany”?
  • What were the customs of [inside city e.g Bethany; or event; or word: e.g "Passover" ] around that time?

Note these questions in your notebook, then do some research and you'll find a broader perspective of the scriptures.

You can find more on bible study notebook, and how to find bible study topics, in a previous video. For now I am suggesting that you ask lots of questions when bible reading. This is how to read the bible effectively.

Be safe

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