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You've made the decisions to learn how to study the Bible effectively. So now what? Lots of people yearn for more of God and would like to do a bible study for themselves but not many take action!

You've surpassed those obstacles and decided you're up for the challenge.

Welcome to your very own bible study “how to” manual.

Why study the Bible you ask ...?

Well apart from the basic reasons , there are a few more that I just have to add:

  1. This first reason (I'm ashamed to admit) is somewhat selfish . Simple: There's a joy - more like euphoria - that comes with personally discovering the truths found in the Word and I just want you to experience it for yourself. It might not happen the first time, but give it a spell, it will happen! And when it does… that feeling right there… is addictive!
  2. Studying helps us to grow : Ephesians 5:26 says " He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word" (KJV) . As it was done in the Old Testament tabernacle, Paul stated that we are washed by the Word of God. When we see the Bible in a new light and when the Word convicts us, it begins to change us. Transformation takes place, and growth begins as we see ourselves in God's word.
  3. No more blind eyes : Once we are willing and yielded vessels God will begin to unveil our eyes and show us areas that we have been in error of his word.
  4. The power of God : It's impossible to have so much word inside of you and have no faith! So your faith will begin to strengthen and if it does, you will believe God for the impossible and the power of God will be reflected in your life and walk with him.
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What is Studying?

In brief you can study in three ways:

  1. Digging deep and unraveling biblical truths found in God's Word
  2. Scriptural Memorization
  3. Scriptural Meditation

Doing each separately is wonderful for spiritual nourishment but combining all three is the best way to really get the full impact of studying. For what use will it be to learn how to study the Bible, just unravel God's word, document it on paper and leave it there to gather dust while we go on to another Bible study?

The real reason for Bible study is for you and I to grow right? Growth begins when the Word abides, takes root, and makes changes. This happens when we add memorization and meditation and of course application to the mix!

Get Started With Studying The Bible

I firmly believe that once you learn how to study the Bible and taste the sweetness of each meal that is prepared; you will never be satisfied with secondhand information ever again!

So I promise to teach you; but I would like you to promise me one thing, that you will stick with it.

Set the foundation with these tips:

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