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Let me be real with you for a sec ...

It is virtually impossible to grow or enjoy God's word without being hungry for God.

This is the one place where gluttony is completely acceptable!

For you must become ravenous for the word of God to truly feast at his table. Jesus stated in Matthew 5 vs 6 “ Blessed [happy] are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled”

What does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness? Let’s go look a little closer to these two words to get a clearer understanding:

Hunger according to the dictionary means:

  •  a “strong desire or craving for” something.

Thirst has a similar definition. It means :

  •  “ a strong desire for something” or the ‘feeling of needing or wanting to drink something

So, if you have a strong desire and craving for righteousness [or after understanding truth and pleasing God] God will give you what you crave.

But before it is given to you, you must be hungry for it.

Sounds simple, but this is some really powerful stuff!

Have you ever truly been starved? You’ll do anything, pay any money, just to have some food. Am I right?

That’s real hunger right there!

And when you are thirsty it is almost unbearable! You even get weak, dehydrated at times without water. When that first drop hits your body, it instantaneously let outs a release ---- Ahhh! – Like it’s saying ‘relief!’

That right there is true hunger and thirst.

That’s the same thing Jesus means right here. He say blessed are they which do hunger ..for they shall be…”. In other words ‘ if we really hunger after God; if we really thirst then we will be filled’.

Do you see what I see?…

We can only be filled if we ‘hunger’!

That’s the trigger!

And we can only ‘hunger’ is we are empty!

Only empty bodies are hungry for food!

If we do not hunger after God then there won’t be any need for him filling us! Because we are already filled…

with something else [ like the cares of this world, perhaps]…hmmm, now that's something!

So how do you know that you hunger and thirst after God?

Let me reverse that question and say instead; you’ll know that you hunger after God when:

  • your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of drawing closer to him
  • you find it nearly impossible to NOT read the bible, prayer, speak about him, listen to music about him or do bible study.
  • you lose your appetite for some entertainment because truthfully only he can really satisfy
  • you just want to feel his presence
  • you begin seeking after ways of get more, more, even more of him

All these and more are indications that you hunger for God.

What does this have to do with preparing for bible study?

How can I get hungry?

  • Earnest and sincere prayer: For me, earnest and sincere prayer works every time. This is prayer  that comes straight from the heart. It is not rehearsed. It does not need much words, but it is deeply felt. At times tears may even flow. And that's the prayer that moves God. When it touches you, it touches God. Whisper an earnest prayer to God daily for him to rekindle your desire. Tell him your faults, and ask for his help. He will help every time.
  • The Word of God: this rekindles my hunger all the time and burns my soul like a hot iron. Begin reading the word daily and claim every good portion for your life. Pray the word. Sing the word. Use the prayer and praises of the book of Psalms in prayer and watch the Word stir up your desires for him.
  • Attach your hunger after God to a reason: What do you want from God? Think BIGGGG! Think life changing! Think exciting! And then seek him until it is revealed in your life. Through lots of prayer and fasting. You would realize your desire begins to rise and as your goal comes in view, your hunger will shoot straight through the roof! He promised that if we diligently seek, we will find. So instead of getting frustrated when it is not happening fast enough - you should do what Einstein said and change your approach. If what you are doing is not working, then change tactics!
  • Go after your purpose: I am sure you've wondered 'why am I here?' or 'why was I created?' The general response that can be given is 'to serve God'. But that never satisfied me and neither should it be for you. I wanted to know why I, Joan Maynard, was placed on earth? Why did the enemy try to destroy me three times at my birth? What is my destiny? What was he trying to prevent from happening? How am I suppose to affect humanity? What legacy am I suppose to leave behind? Every thing ( trees, animals, even the world) has a purpose and every day they walk in their purpose. I wanted to know mine, so that I can fulfill my calling in God. And you should to. Use that as a driving hunger after God!
hunger after God

That hunger after God is a must!

That hunger after God is needed. It is numero uno! ( did I get that correct in Spanish?).

And that desire is needed for bible study and growth.

If there’s no desire to know more about God, then we will forever be filled to the brim and running over with excuses why bible study just is not possible right now, next week or even next month for that matter.

But when we have that hunger …

That’s when bible study becomes literal food to us because it’s feeding your hunger and quenches your thirst.

This hunger after God is the driving force. Without it you have already lost, because guess will never begin.

We all need not just a little spark but a hot blazing fire!

Psalms 42: 1 -2

 “ As the hart panteth [longingly] after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?”

Now that right there is some mighty fine longing! When we have that kind of hunger after God we will leave go after Him with all our might!

When it comes to bible study, it is vital to have both the …

The Hunger to know and the Hunger to grow.

You'll be needing this worksheet very soon

download here

The Hunger to Know

What you would like to know about God?  In your quest, do you want to:

  • Know and understand God's Word?
  • Stop being confused not knowing what’s the right path to take?
  • Understand how to really live holy?
  • Understand his will for your life?
  • Be able to apply the word as you witness to others?
  • Know how to overcome certain obstacles?
  • Know how to touch God through prayer?

Take a piece of paper ( or download the worksheet) and start writing. Post the finished list in clear view so that you will remain focused. This list can be endless. But it’s time to do some soul searching.

Hunger to Grow

How do you picture your relationship with God? What is it like? What do you want to be used by God? This area can be broken down into :

1. The Desire for Change: Whether it be

  • Your Habits?
  • Your Emotions?
  • What you Think about yourself or others?
  • How you treat others?
  • How much time do you spend with God?

2. The Desire to be Used By Christ:

  • To become an effective witness : (discern the need of an individual, so that you can supply that need and win them for Christ)
  • To be used in Ministry : ( Missionary, Ushers, Helpers, travel, and the list can get much longer)
  • To be a Vessel of Prayer, Praise and Worship

3. Desire to be more like Jesus Christ:

  • Forgiving
  • Humble
  • Faithful
  • Compassionate
  • Obedient
  • Disciplined

Guess What?

As you make this list, it also represents your first ideas for topical bible studies. You can now use these as a guide on areas to focus your next bible study session.

For instance: if a cause for concern is ‘forgiveness’, then you can use your next bible study session to study the word forgiveness and then begin applying what you’ve learnt for changes so that you can see growth.


Wow, that was a mouth full right there!

I greatly enjoyed this lesson. I hope you did too. Share and leave a comment below.

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