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So you've got your scripture verse before you.

You've already done these 4 simple bible study methods I've described in detail in the previous lesson.

But you want to dig even deeper in the Word.

So what should you do next?

I'll show you two free resources you can use to go deeper. They are found on Bible Study

I'll share a step by step in depth bible study guide for using these resources to really unearth some biblical truths.

A Little About Bible Study Tools

Bible Study is a free online bible study tool with a long list of free resources to study the bible. I love it because it is not difficult to use. Yet, there is enough tools that would have you study the bible for hours.

First Watch This Video for an Overview of Its Tools and Resources

In the overview below you'll learn ...

  1. how to find verses by topic
  2. how to find and use the parallel bible
  3. how to find summarization on each book of the bible
  4. the list of bible study resources and where they are located

Let's dive in!

Now, Let's Do Some In depth Bible Study!
Here's How To Begin Digging Deeper In the Bible
With Bible Study

    For this simple bible study method we're going to:

    1. Find the root word and meanings for several words in your scripture
    2. Use the Bible Dictionary to add to your study

    #1 Find the Original Word and Meaning Using the Interlinear Bible

    The original language of the bible - which was for the most part Hebrew ( Old Testament) , Greek ( New Testament), and in some areas Aramaic - was taken and translated into English, to make it readable to the masses!

    The problem with bible translations is that many times, the context or message captured in the original tongue can become diluted, misinterpreted, or lost all together through translation. ( Read More About Translations here).

    That's why the Interlinear Bible is perfect for digging deeper in bible study.

    The beauty of the interlinear bible is that we can find the full meaning and deepen our understanding of words found in bible passages by going back to the original word.

    - Now Your Turn -

    1) Download the Free Printable

    2) Note your chosen scripture for this in depth bible study guide on Bible Study Sheet #1. My chosen scripture for the demonstration is Hebrews 4: 12

    3) Highlight at least three key words [ words that you would like to know more about] or phrases you would like to dig deeper. For mine, I chose "word" "quick" and "soul"

    4) Note them separately on the Bible Study Sheet

    5) Go to the Interlinear Bible [It's found under "Bible" in the Navigation Bar of Bible Study Tools]

    6) Put your Scripture verse [ Book, Chapter, and verse ] into the search bar and then click "Find It"

    7) The screen will open to your scripture verse with most of the words highlighted in blue

    I will show you the complete simple method in the demonstration below.

    8) Watch the brief video to get the final steps

    Step By Step In depth Bible Study Guide
    To Dig Deeper In the Word

    That's all there is to it! You can use the sample below as an idea of how your bible study sheet should be completed. Now, your turn!

    #2 Use the Bible Study Bible Dictionary
    to Dig Deeper In The Word

      The Bible Dictionaries are found under “Study” in the navigation bar at the top of Bible Study They are no ordinary dictionaries! Bible Dictionaries like Easton, Smith’s and Baker’s are quite famous for providing quality, in depth explanation on places, objects, plans, cultural and ceremonial customs - backed and stacked with scriptural references.

      Like an ordinary dictionary, you can search for your own word and the dictionary will pull up the information.

      I will show you how to use Bible Study Dictionary in a simple demonstration below.

      - Now Your Turn -

      1) Download the Free Printable {if you have not as yet}

      2) Select the word { place, thing, animal, name, object etc} that you would like to learn more about

      3) Using The Bible Dictionary in Bible Study, search for the word { as seen in the video}

      4) Record your findings on the Bible Study Sheet

      P.s. If you cannot find the word you are looking for in Bible Study or the search resulted in just a few sentences, do not give up. Instead go to Google and put in the search "Bible Dictionary" + " your word" [ if the word is anoint, then it will look like this "Bible Dictionary" +"anoint"]. Google will pull up every Bible Dictionary

      Have you used Bible Study Tools to go deeper in the Word? Share one or two of your methods below. Or let me know your thoughts on this in depth bible study guide.

      home: beginners: online tools: in depth Bible Study guide

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