Is God Really Real?

Is God really real? This Bible Study will help you find the answers to this question and much more.

Does God Exist?

This is the most controversial topic that is connected to religion, right now, than I have ever seen. There is a movement that seeks every angle and opportunity to discredit the existence of God and everything and everyone that believe in anything connected to his divine nature. I have practically heard and read the question, does God exist, is every shape, form and size. People have asked me

  • Is God really real?
  • How do you know God exists?
  • Is there really a God?
  • If God exist then why suffering and sickness?
  • And finally, 'Show me proof that God is real'

I am sure you are witness to at least one of these variation of questions as well.

Scientists have stretched this question to its limits, looking under every rock and seeking the answer even in outer- space. Now, they have come to the conclusion that there has to be no God, all because God did not step down to their level and said ‘ are you looking for me? Here I am’

So I wondered to myself, 'Am I being a little unwise for touching this subject as well?'

Well, I guess I am feeling a little adventurous today ….

Is God really real? Well of course he is

We have  joined in this hunt, debating and questioning and demanding evidence, when the  proof that God is real have been with us all the while, within us, around us and of course within the one book that stands correct every time… the Bible.

Pardon me, as I begin, but my intention, is not to debate is God really real. After all, why should I, when not even the scriptures itself, tried to debate anything. The Word of God simply confirmed, declared and merely assumed that everyone knew that God exists.

I, however, am faced with this question practically on a daily basis. People often ask me,  ‘why are you still holding to such a false belief?’

It is at that moment, that I would usually became defiant ( yes guys. the truth shall make me free! J ) , and then would open my bible and spew out scriptures that shows that God is real. Yet at times quoting the bible is not enough seeing that if we don't believe in God that can only mean that we do not believe in the Bible either.

Then one day God touched my mind , while I was witnessing to someone about Him and gave me this illustration that I have used from that moment on wards. I will share it with you below.

After all,

Everyone is searching for answers to 'is God really real'. So it is my responsibility, to try my best to present that truth, as clear as possible, then let God do the rest!

So how do you know that that God exists?

Actually this is a very reasonable query. If we cannot see God, then how can we believe?

John 20: 29 King James Version (KJV)

Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

We are living in a ‘seeing is believing society’. This means that for most of us, once it cannot be seen or touched or felt, then we question its existence. But what a blessing we will receive if we can just believe without having to have everything proven all the time.

Seeing that I am mostly on the receiving end of these questions, before answering, I will turn the table a little and present a question of my own:

Have you ever felt the power of love or the scourge of pain? In most cases we can identify exactly where the pain hurts. Yet we cannot see pain nor can we see love.So how do you know that pain or love is real?  Yes, because we feel it.

Let’s examine another object: The Wind

The Wind blows from the east, from the west, from the north and south. But we cannot see the breeze can we? My questions therefore is , 'how do you know that the wind exist?'

A few things give’s away its existence

  1. We can feel the breeze; sometimes very cool and refreshing
  2. We can see it effects in the trees etc
  3. We can hear the sound when it gets real loud

So because of these reasons it is therefore undeniable that the wind is real. Well ( drum roll please …)

The same applies to our God.

We Feel His Presence

We know that God is really real because we FEEL his presence every day. Sometimes it appears like warm or tingling sensations that can be at times breath-taking. At times his presence feels like the embrace or comfort of a friend. Yet, it is a feeling like none other and for this, and that's why we can give a big yes to the question 'is God really real?'

Let me put forth a scenario. Have this situation ever happened to you:

You are in a room and your back is turned to the door. You have not heard anyone enter the room yet you just know that someone did? You knew that someone had entered the room because you felt their presence, am I correct?

In this Christian walk, the presence of God walks with his people always and can actually be felt. As we draw closer and closer to God, his presence is felt more and even more.

We know that God exists because we can see His Effects

Just like the wind on the trees, historical settings that have been noted in the Bible have also been proven:

Matthew 24: 6 - 7 states:

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

Have you been listening to the news lately? Do we not see and hear of these occurrences every day?  Well, then, if archaeologists can prove that the bible is true, then why then would 'some verses' be true and all the others be false? So, is God really real? Yes he is.

Is God really real? Then why can't I see or feel him?

God is a Spirit. Spirits cannot be seen with our natural eyes. But even thou we may not see Him, we can most definitely feel him. So what separates us from feeling God's presence?

We find the answer in Isaiah 59: 1 – 2:

Behold the LORD's hand is not shortened that it cannot save neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

What's the problem? What separates us from God?

SIN. ( with all CAPS)

God cannot stand sin. In his eyes it's filthy and so before he can come close we must measure up ourselves to his expectations and purify ourselves. Now let us briefly examine the life of Isaiah.

In Isaiah chapter 6, the Lord appeared unto Isaiah after the death of King Uzziah. Isaiah, a man just like you and me, literally saw the throne room of God. The presence of God was so powerful that it shook the door posts and filled the house with smoke. Isaiah was so scared that he exclaimed in verse 5:

Woe is me! (in other words, Oh no, I am in big trouble now!) for I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, and dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips...

Here, Isaiah is speaking about his sins, and is scared out of his wits because he knows that any man standing in the presence on God with sin, usually ends up a dead man. God did not do what Isaiah thought he would, however, he instead purged his sins. Now look closely at verse 8:

What happened after his sins were purged?

'Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us?'

He heard God speaking!

Before this time he heard nothing from the mouth of God. But after sin was removed and he was cleansed he heard God speaking. Now that right there is some powerful stuff! Do you see what sin has caused us to miss out on? Hearing and feeling God. When we remove sin from our lives daily, we will then begin to feel the presence of the Lord.

This explanation always seem to work when answering is God really real; and I pray that it clears away some questions, for you as well. Yet, even thou people may not believe in the God's existence, that does not make it no less the truth.

The Proof is in the Pudding

is god really real

We can find proof of God’s existence all around us:

#1 The Heavens & The beauty of creation reveals a master designer....

'The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament shows his handy works' -Psalms 19:1

Just simply looking at the heavens, the planets, the stars and galaxies, amazes me. Their existence is so awesome, that the universe cannot be merely the workings of coincidence or time. There has to be a higher power holding it all together. The beauty of the trees, flowers and animals. The unique ways in which they communicate and also work in unison helping to keep balance in the universe. This shows, without a doubt, that there has to be a master designer. Come on now, is that really coincidence? As Christian we know and understand that this higher power is the Lord Almighty.

# 2 Living things comes from other Living things

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed ( life/ ability to reproduce) was in itself after his kind.... Genesis 1:12

According to scientists, the Law of Biogenesis says that Life comes from life, and that life cannot suddenly appear where there was no life before. So, even thou scientists may state that God is not real, the beginning of life in this universe had to have been created by a living force greater than itself. God is that living force.

# 3 The Uniqueness of Man

We can answer 'is God really real' by looking within us:

Until this present age scientist cannot completely explain the human body. Nothing can explain the great difference between man and animals. Man's

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity and ability to appreciate and produce music and art.
  • Sense of right from wrong
  • Ability to reason, dream, plan and take action

Man has a spirit, soul and body. He's a triune being

  • Capable of emotions, choice, rationalization, will, speech, personality, social skills and learning
  • Among other things man has his own unique finger print and DNA.

The only true explanation that can be found for man's uniqueness is in Genesis 1: 26 - 27 " Man was made in the image and likeness of God." God took His time and formed man for His purpose and his praise.

3 things that only God could have known

I read an article a while back that made me sit up and think. The author, was talking about a few things that only God could have known. I will refer to three that I found most amazing in this article on is God really real.  I would really suggest that you give it a read. Trust me, it's worth it.

Things only God Would Have Known

Studies have confirmed that most the the biblical texts are historical documents dated as far back as 4000 years ago or more, back when it was virtually impossible to know certain things because the technology for discovery was created at a much later time. And that's when everything becomes interesting. For how could a mere man like Job know the following unless God told  him?

Job 38:24 " by what way is the light parted which scattereth the east wind upon the earth"

How can Job know that light makes wind blow when that was recently discovered within this century? Unless God told him?

Isaiah 40:22 "It is he who sits above the circle of the earth,and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers"

The book of Isaiah was written way before anyone considered the world round. Even up to the times when persons like Christopher Columbus set sail to the Caribbean, people still thought that the earth was flat.

Job 26:7 "He stretcheth out the north over empty space and hang the earth on nothing"

How can Job know that the world suspended on nothing? When there were no telescopes or astronauts. So how could he have written such a thing unless God revealed this to him?

I stand firmly on the Word of God, which I know to be truth absolute. I pray that this bible study topic have really helped you to answer the question 'Is God really real?'. May you be blessed and enlightened by these pages.

Be safe

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