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 Get The Complete Bible Study For the Book of John, Here

It gives a rather detailed account of the life of Christ, excluding his birth. The chapters are quite long. In John's word the purpose is to show that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and in believing you may have everlasting life. There's lots more to discover in this book, check the video class on John.

The truth is we all want to get lost in the joy of reading God's word, but like myself, you may be struggling.

I created this John bible study course for that very reason. To help if you

  • find the bible difficult to understand
  • find the bible boring instead of exciting ( don't feel bad, i did too)
  • may be overwhelmed and strapped for time to really dig into God's Word
  • wants to grow in God but can't quite figure out how to unravel the Word to find those sweet golden nuggets!

Since, I enjoy bible study quite a bit, I've done it all for you.

Here's some testimonials on this John bible study course:

Oluwatosin Emmanuel Ibiwoye says " Joan, I love the way you handle the sessions of this Interactive Bible Study. It's not only fun, it's also engaging"

Nancy: "this was a very interactive and engaging learning lesson"

Emaido: " As always, your exposition are rich and so satisfying"

Jolangel's "I really enjoyed this Bible Study! It was insightful, educational, interesting and uplifting all at the same time."

Doralyn: "I would not have delved so deep on several aspects of this scripture without this study. Thank you."

Click the link to begin:

 Get The Complete Bible Study For the Book of John, Here

Hey, if you prefer to discuss with me, your understandings and discoveries even better!

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