John Chapter 10: The Story Of The Sheep, The Shepherd & The Hireling [Free Video]

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John Chapter 10

Sheep was of great importance in the bible times.

Having herds of sheep meant that you were quite a wealthy person, indeed.

So I would think this to be a perfect parable to get over a message, right?

Jesus thought so too ...

This chapter opens with Jesus teaching on the particular traits of a good shepherd, the loyalty and uncanny abilities of a sheep, and the hireling who runs away without even putting up a fight!

John Chapter 10

You know I have a lot of discoveries for you!

And there are many practical life applications in this message. I am bubbling with excitement already


Let's begin ...

John Chapter 10 - Summary

In this tenth bible reading video we will go through Chapter 10 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

  1. Jesus metaphorically speaks to a scene of a shepherd and his flock of sheep; exposed to different elements of danger ; and the duties of the shepherd
  2. I found some interesting stuff on sheep!

Resources & Stuff

Here's a list of all the resources I've used and the items I've mentioned along the way in this bible study for the Book of John. They were very helpful:

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This is The Place For Lighthearted Discussions

Did you find out any interesting stuff on:

  1. Sheepfold in bible times
  2. The shepherd/sheep relationship
  3. The Feast of Dedication
  4. Solomon's Porch

Share your comments and questions below. Let's grow together.

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