John 12, The Dinner That Did Not Go As Planned [Free Video]

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John Chapter 12

How did he feel after such a slap of rebuke?

Jesus was actually taking the side of the lowest person in the city

The rebuke came right infront of his family, at dinner, and probably his friends,

And he was not having it!

But the intimacy of the moment could not go unnoticed ...

For, she poured all of herself at Jesus' feet in such humility and reverence that the fragrance of her love spread throughout the room

John Chapter 12

I tell you ...

I had a blast digging for gold in this chapter!

In this chapter we'll delve into the dinner that went oh so wrong - yet oh so right, the reception that Jesus received returning to the city, and discuss his impending departure.

Lordy, lordy, there's is soo much to explore and some brilliant "Ah ha" moments in store ( hey, I rhymed).

Let's go ...

John Chapter 12 - Summary

In this twelfth bible reading video we will go through Chapter 12 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

  1. Jesus went to Dinner
  2. The room grew still as an uninvited guest appeared.
  3. Someone got praised for their actions ( not who you'll expect)
  4. Some one got rebuked for their thoughts ( probably not who you'll expect either , lol)

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This is The Place for Lighthearted Discussion

Did you find out about:

  1. Spikenard: its uses, qualities and process to get the oil
  2. Different reasons for anointing in bible times
  3. Who was Mary: the one that anointed Jesus's feet
  4. The Feast of Passover

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