What John Chapter 13 Can Teach Us About Humility, Sacrifice, Obedience, Cleansing [Free Video]

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John Chapter 13

Peter made laughed out loud in this chapter.

I have to admit, that guy was enthusiastic!

Jaw dropped to the floor ...

Mouth opened wide ...

They could not believe that their Master, the one that they finally came to know as the Christ, was washing their feet!

John chapter 13

In this display of humility Jesus was teaching them some mighty big principles that we will discuss in detail in this chapter.

So hold the presses!

Get ready as we uncover the meaning of this passage, learn, laugh and grow.

Let's get rocking ...

John Chapter 13 - Summary

In this thirteen bible reading video we will go through Chapter 13 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

Themes that will be blasted throughout the chapter

  1. Selfless love of Christ
  2. Humility
  3. Total Obedience to God's Will
  4. Cleansing

Resources & Stuff

Here's a list of all the resources I've used and the items I've mentioned along the way in this bible study for the Book of John. They were very helpful:

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