John 15, What Does A Vine Have To Do With Responsibility? Details Inside ...

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John Chapter 15

The short answer


I'll let the video explain it

But first,

Jesus described to his disciples that anyone that remains connected to him will bare plenty of fruit.

John Chapter 15

He used the analogy of a vine tree to bring across his point in a simple way.

And my how the point sank in,

But I found something even more, right under the surface of the words in this chapter..."responsibility"

Let's go find out further ...

John Chapter 15 - Summary

In this bible reading video we will go through Chapter 15 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

  1. Jesus has a message for his disciples , just before crucifixion ...
  2. Jesus compared himself to a vine tree
  3. Discover some unique principles and personal applications through his comparison

Things are about to really get scrumptious!

Resources & Stuff

Here's a list of all the resources I've used and the items I've mentioned along the way in this bible study for the Book of John. They were very helpful:

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John Chapter 15