John Chapter 20, He Is Risen! Peter Really Made Me Laugh... [Free Video]

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John Chapter 20

I can see him now

Dashing like a mad man to the tomb where Jesus was suppose to lay

Mary Magdelene just delivered some awesome news

And he just had to see for himself

He did a Usain Bolt, and outrun his friend

Of course you know by now that I am talking about Peter, lol.

The sorrow is over, and Jesus is risen!

Let's go uncover what transpired on the day of his resurrection. What did inside the tomb look like? When the news was delivered to his disciples, what did they do?

I feel so much better now,

Click the video, and let's get cracking ...

John Chapter 20 - Summary

In this bible reading video we will go through Chapter 20 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

  1. The crucifixion is over (*hands on head for dramatic effect*) - PHEW!
  2. Now its time for the good stuff - HE IS RISEN
  3. I've got to admit, Peter really made me laugh in this one .. As always, discover some amazing truths, and laugh a little ( or alot! ;)

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