John Chapter 21, Feed My Sheep: What Does This Mean? [Free Video]

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John Chapter 21

You've made it

You are at the final chapter of John


The conclusion of this book describes Jesus meeting the disciples by the seaside and the final conversation that Jesus had with Peter.

If I have to say so myself, it was one intense convo 

The truth of this conversation will be unraveled as we dig a little deeper under the surface.

I tell you,

"Feed my sheep"

Is one big revelation.

Click and let's go to the final video.

John Chapter 21 - Summary

In this bible reading video we will go through Chapter 21 of John together, and you will discuss things like:

  1. Jesus finds his disciples at the seaside ( is Peter back to his old self?) - Perhaps
  2. Jesus lingers in a conversation with Peter
  3. Discover some really good nuggets of truth, in what Jesus told Peter - clue? It's about food ;)

Let's dive in!

Resources & Stuff

Here's a list of all the resources I've used and the items I've mentioned along the way in this bible study for the Book of John. They were very helpful:

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We are have reached the conclusion of the book of John!

Parting is such sweet sorry.

  1. Let me know what you've enjoyed the most about this John Bible Reading Series
  2. What other book you would like us to discuss.
  3. Most of all leave your comments and questions below about this chapter and any other that has gone by.

I would love to have a final chat with you.

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