John 6, Jesus Test The Laws of Physics & Gravity [Free Video]

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Mind boggling!

Is probably the best way to sum up the astonishing scene that played out before their eyes.

Impossible, is more like it.

And that was most likely in the minds of his disciples, as they watched Jesus continue to break the bread ... give it to them ... to give to the people...

I could hear them now ...


"Is this really happening, right before me?"

Yet, row by row ... mouth by mouth ... none was left hungry.

No, not one.

I can't wait to discuss my findings with you on John Chapter 6! I have to admit, I can get a little too excited when it comes to the Word of God. But, hey, that can't be a bad thing, right?

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John Chapter 6 - Summary

In this sixth bible reading video we will go through Chapter 6 of John together, and we will discuss things like:

  1. Jesus tests the laws of Physics and Gravity!
  2. Lots of people are affected both positively and negatively!
  3. Jesus lose lots of his followers : why?
  4. Sea of Galilee? What/Where is that?

Resources & Stuff

Here's a list of all the resources I've used and the items I've mentioned along the way in this bible study for the Book of John. They were very helpful:

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This is Where The Lighthearted Discussion Happen

Share your comments on the chapter below. Here's a few questions that I have for you :

1) So, did you walk on water this week? Share your stories with me about your triumphs that you had this week!

2) Did you find information on the manna in the wilderness? What did it look like; Taste like; Used for?

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