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I'm sure that he cried. Long, hard tears. I am sure that his heart was broken; feeling the pangs of betrayal from his brothers. He pined for home: wishing that he could do that day back over again. If he could, he would never have volunteered to go looking for his brothers. And right now this hell will just be a bad dream.

I'm sure he wondered "Why didn't God warn me?'. God showed me dreams: 'so why didn't He use a dream to warn me of my terrible fate? For sure this could not be His intent for my life? To strip me of all I hold dear?"

Joseph was a man just like us. He felt the hurt as Jesus did when he endured the cross. But what Joseph did not fully understand at that moment, in his deepest period of vulnerability , desperation, depression and fear was that God had a plan.

And His plan was to make him a Ruler.

In this most intense time of trial, Joseph did the one thing that has blessed my heart mightily: He kept his integrity.

Joseph bible study scripture

Romans 8: 28

And we know that all things work together

for good to them that love God,

to them who are the called

according to his purpose.

The story about Joseph is a very powerful example of this very same scripture being manifested. You can always read the complete chapters of this Joseph Bible Study that is found in Genesis chapter 37 - 42. Now listen closely to what Joseph went through:

  • He was hated of his brothers
  • He was disowned by his family
  • He was stripped of his positions more than once
  • He was left to die
  • He found himself in Egypt as a slave for years
  • He was wrongly accused of rape
  • And he was cast into prison for many more years
  • He was betrayed by more people than we can endure

And he did nothing to deserve it.

All of this happened to Joseph. It just kept getting worst. When it seems like a glimmer of hope was shining through, here comes another situation even worse. Have you ever been there? Have you ever felt all alone? Like no one cared? Trapped? Neglected? Like everything is going wrong in your life?

How can a loving God be anywhere up in this situation?

Could you imagine the hurt that Joseph carried for years from the deep betrayal he felt? Can you imagine being in a land where there was no familiar face; no one to rely on; no one to call on for rescue? I am absolutely positive that Joseph  felt emptiness from the loss of his family. Who wouldn't? Even I felt it from the loss of my mom. Mary felt it from the loss of her son Jesus.

And it is in these situation, like Job we often ask questions:

  • Why did this have to happen to me?
  • What did I do that was so wrong?
  • Where is God?

These are the questions, we all ask when we go through these situations. However, the answer that we are expecting does not always come right away from God. Sometimes it comes at the end.

  • So where was God during all the hardship of Joseph?
  • And where is God during all of our life's trials?

If you read the chapters mentioned above in this Joseph Bible Study, you would realize that God was right there with Joseph all along, and he is right here with you through what may seem like the toughest time.

  • You may have lost your job and have no idea where the next meal is going to come from
  • You may have lost family members that were closest to you
  • You may have been given a diagnosis from the doctor that you do not like
  • You may be homeless right now

And you are saying God, I am trusting in you; I am keeping my integrity; Where are you? I need you.

I say to you right now, that  He was right there helping Joseph through every situation and He is right there with you right now! He will stand up for your defense. Hold On! Better days are coming!

He is walking right beside us and perhaps carrying us at times when the situation is too hard for us to bear, because he always keeps his promises. He has promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us.

If you have read Genesis 37 -42 with this Joseph Bible Study, it was only at the end of the journey, that Joseph understood why everything that had happen, had to occur. It was at the end that Joseph saw God's Master Plan.

You know, sometimes when we are right in a situation, we cannot see farther than our arms can stretch. Sometimes, God has to remove us from that situation, as he did to Abraham, and take us on along journey to a mountain top, so that we can see the expanse of land that is ours!

God Is Moving You Upwards

It may be hard to see that right now but - You - Will.

God took Joseph on the journey from being a servant to becoming  King!

Sometimes it's only at the end of our journey that we finally see the BIG PICTURE!

It cannot be explained at the beginning because we would not understand.

Beside, who in their right mind would say yes to pain if we had any say in the matter?!

We would run for the hills!

As we can see from the story in this Joseph Bible Study, God used the series of events to build Joseph's character

  • much stronger, and wiser
  • To build patience, skill, long suffering and discipline
  • To give him practice of governing people
  • To learn how to make just decisions

and many others that would be used when he became a wise leader. Skills that God knew he would not have learn if he stayed at home. There was a reason why God took Joseph through that long journey.  Nothing was a mistake.

But most of all, God was preparing him so that he can deliver his people.

My Gosh, there is so much we can learn from an in depth Joseph Bible Study, its never ending!

Just like Joseph

every single event that takes place in our life is 'working together' (or in a joint effort of synergy) for our good

What did I say? EV-ERY-THING is in joint effort of synergy, like interlocked chains, working for our good.

Everything that happens in our life is in God's well designed master plan to get us to our purpose.

Imagine that!

Why, you may ask?

Because we love Him

And Because we are chosen of God and called for HIS purpose. He has plans to use us for his purpose, so he has to build certain characters within us. Doesn't that make sense? Before he can use us, he has to prepare us. To build us, mold us and fashion us.

I often say that it might be so much easier if God had sit me down and explained in detail what will occur and why? So that I would know and understand:

But God's ways are not our ways. His way is perfect and just and his intentions are never bad towards his people. As was seen through out this Joseph Bible Study, Joseph was totally dependent on God. So likewise, God wants us to be totally dependent on him for everything so that he can move for us in miraculous ways.

He also wants us to trust him completely. To put everything in his hands and say Lord I trust that you will not let me fall. That you will work this situation out for me.  That everything is working out for my good because I love you.

Hope this Joseph Bible Study was a real blessing to you. As he did for Joseph, God is working it all our for your good too! Leave your messages below. Share this with your friends and family and like away!

Be safe

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