My Life Changing Books: "5" Books that changed my life (apart from the Bible)

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I really tried…

I saw an article by Naomi of Itty Biz with the headline “The five books that change my life” which lead me to thinking ‘what’s my five life changing books? I bet some day, someone would love to find out.’ So before I forgot or got lost in other articles, I started jotting  them down…

But I only found 3.

To be fair, I love reading, and I’ve had some great reads, but when it comes to life changing, I’d like to think of those book are ‘gold’.

life changing books should be ...

  • wayyy better than just a great read.
  • worth reading over and over again
  • highly recommendable

Life changing books for me is when I am at a pivotal point in my life, searching for some kind of answer, feeling unsatisfied, and then comes the answer in the form of a book that changed my mind set, outlook, my course, and ultimately me.

That kind of book is hard to find.

I only found 3.

These are my life changing books:

Note:( these books should be affiliate links, but they are not. Not yet anyways. Lol.  That might be the worst idea ever but I just wanted you to know that these are coming from my heart. When I do make them affiliate links I will give you a heads up!)

All  I want you to see is that these books exist, when you click the link. You don't have to purchase a thing unless you really want to.

Robert Kyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad:  this is a powerful book. It changed my mindset totally: my view about money, and business, assets and liability. I know that sounds boring: like a bunch of Accounts and Maths but it really was not! When I came out of that book, I could not see straight. I viewed the world with different eyes, and talked so much differently that most people thought I had gone mad! It is still that good. And I would recommend it to anyone.

Dani Johnson: First Steps to Wealth: This book came sailing into my life when I was searching for something more. I went to work, and was not happy and through frustrated tears I would cry out to God daily for help :- I would say ‘there has to be more to life than this’. Then ‘First Steps’ showed up and took me on the path to finding my true self, purpose/reason for being alive. And I realized that the answer was in me all along! Boy was it life changing! ( It's a free e-book. Just go to her page and op tin to the email and it comes to your inbox!)

Brendon Burchard: The Millionaire Messenger : Ahh Brendon, Brendon, Brendon. I am never ashamed to admit that I am a ‘Brendon Baby’. If you are searching for the way to turn your ideas into gold ( through products  and businesses ) in a step by step, fun approach then Brendon is the guy of guys!

I will be the first to admit that just the idea of reading business books was boringggg. But Brendon spoke to me  and answered every question that I had about life, purpose, and finding my passion, then turning that passion into a business; that made money through viral content. The man is a "frameworks" genius! If you have ever watched his videos or bought his programs you will understand what I mean. By the way they are a bit expensive but worth ev-ver-ry penny!

He’s more like my Mentor than a coach.

Brendy  man, you rock!

Well that was my little piece.

I hope you enjoyed my suggested 5 ( … but really 3 life changing books) …and I hope one day I will find the rest two (2) that will make it official.

Until later...

Be bold, and show the world, that you are positive, driven and Christian!

CNN Breaking News: I found my 4th Life Changing Book

I have to be honest.

Although I love reading and I live to read books, I have only read 2 books from cover to cover.

I would usually go in, assess whether it was worth my time, and if not, I was out before you can even utter the word -'refund'

Other books I just went it, got what I needed and left the rest for another time.

But then I met Jason Zook and his book Creativity For Sale.

And I was hooked.

This has become my third (3rd) book that I've read from cover to cover, and enjoyed every moment. I actually wanted more.

His sarcastic humor just made everything all the better.

Creativity For Sale, taught me what 'thinking out of the box' really meant and looked like. Jason Zook, is a little crazy, but his unconventional methods of making money is nothing slight of Genius!

Being a creative mind myself, I really needed that book.

Now, every time I do a project, I think 'what would Jason do'

...boy, I would not like to admit, the crazy thoughts that enters my mind. :)

On to add the fifth my list of life changing books!

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