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Mercy, mercy, me.

I have so much to say on this topic. You might have to reign me back in!

You see

Every Change.

Whether for better or worst all begins with the Mind ( also called the Heart). Not that big chunk of flesh that sits at the top of our bodies...No!

But our Mind:  The seat of our thoughts, wills, emotions, motives and intellect. Our mind controls our whole body.

Once our mind gives an instruction, you will better believe it, that our body will follow. Our mind also has the power to chart our destiny.

It is amazing that the mind is one of the first areas that God begins to transform, when we become Christians, because God knew that we must literally 'loose our minds' ( or our way of thinking) to put on the mind of Christ.

Let's have a mind bible study to find some things

Let us now look at the meaning to the words 'thoughts, will, emotions and motives',  for a better understanding of how our mind works:

  • Thought : An idea, mental picture, or opinion occurring suddenly in the mind
  • Will : The mental capacity that deliberately decides on a course of action
  • Emotion : A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.
  • Motives: A reason for doing something. One that is hidden, and is not obvious

These four areas are seated in our minds. Every day we have thoughts ( or ideas and opinions of ourselves, others, our surroundings, our past and our future.) These thoughts are either positive or negative ones.But it is the power of these thoughts that drive our Will, Our Emotions and Our Motives.

Now imagine that you woke up this morning with the thought that 'this is not going to be a good day'.

Your Emotions immediately becomes sad or maybe even angry or worried. Everything you do during the course of that day, will also reflect the thought that was placed in your mind that 'this is not going to be a good day'.

Do you see how powerful your mind is? It controls every one of our actions.

The problem is not our positive thoughts, but the negative ones. This is every single thought that is contrary to the Word of God and the Will of God for our lives. Those negative thoughts are the trouble makers.

Losing our Mind Bible Study Scripture: Math 15: 18 - 20

'But those things which proceed out of the mouth

come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, ...

These are the things which defile ( or ruins)  a man: ... '

What happens when we speak negative words?

There are many instances in the scriptures, when the word 'heart' is used in place of the word 'mind.' This is one such instance.  Here Jesus explains exactly what defiles or ruins us: which is what comes out of our mouth, not what goes in.

STOP and think about this for a moment.

1. What goes into our mouth?  Food and Water ( that which nourishes)

2. What comes out of our mouth? Words (  which can defile or ruin us)

He went on to explain exactly what happens. Before anything can come forth out of us , it has to first be created in our mind / or our thoughts. If these thoughts are negative they are considered 'evil thoughts'. and Jesus explains that these thoughts are what ruin or destroy us.

Ruin means

  • to reduce to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration
  • no longer fit for use

Wow! .... Our Words does all that?

They reduce us to a state of decay, collapse, and no longer fit for use?

Yes! God says that negative words are evil Why? Because every negative word, when it goes out of our mouth it 'IMMEDIATELY GOES TO WORK'. It's job is to reduce us to a state that is no longer fit for use.

I hope you do not mind bible study lessons that really goes behind the curtains and tell you the truth.

Now let's really see what these negative words does to us, by looking at the word 'reduce'. It means

Let's really see what these negative words does to us, by looking at the word 'REDUCE'. It means

1. To bring down, as in extent, amount, or degree; to diminish

2. To bring to a humbler, weaker, difficult, or forced state or condition; especially: 

  • To gain control of; conquer 
  • To subject to destruction
  • To weaken bodily
  • To sap the spirit or mental energy of
  • To compel to desperate acts
  • To lower in rank or grade

3.  To lower the value of

That is exactly what Jesus Christ expressed in the passage. This is the power of a negative word. But we can turn this around.

What we often think about is exactly what we often speak about, whether negative or positive. These words are creative power houses that shape our day, our tomorrow, our life and our future.

Now that we know the problem - our mind- it's time to lose our minds for the mind of Christ.

Time to attack the problem of the mind

mindset bible study

Proverbs 23: 7 " As he thinketh in his heart so is he"

Throughout this lesson we have really seen how what we think and say have affected our lives. But it is also true that what we think is reflected in how we behave or our actions. Our thoughts affects every part of us.

So, if what we think and speak affects our lives, our surroundings and our future, then what must we do? Of course, change what we speak;  but in order for us to do that we must begin to daily attack the root of this problem, which is our thoughts that was created in our Mind.

So we are right back at the beginning of this mind bible study. In order to achieve an abundant christian living we must first change our Mindset.

Think about this for a moment. When our mindset changes this means that our thoughts will no longer be negative but instead positive.

This means also, that  our Will ( which is  our mental capacity that deliberately decides our course of action) also changes.

Our negative destructive direction will change to daily taking steps closer to an abundant christian living. All this will happens when we begin to change our mindset.

After all, if there is no change of course, there can be no change of destination! It's time to take a self test. Let us find out the direction that you have been travelling.

Take this self test: be truthful now

What is Your Direction? This simple exercise will assist you in finding out which direction you have been traveling.

Sit down with a pen and paper and create two columns. Now think about your past week of activities. Think about what you have said and done positive for this week.

  • Anything significant occurred?
  • What was your reaction?

List all your positives for this week. Now do the same thing for the negative.

  • What negative thoughts did you have?
  • What did you say and did that was negative towards another or yourself?

Be truthful. Be  Real . Be honest.  Leave nothing Out.

Did you whisper something negative to your co-worker about another? ...Write that down ( On the Negative side of course)

If we really take 1/2 hour to do this test, it will soon reveal the truth.

Which of both sides is longer?Does the negative or the positive side?

The weightier side reveals the path that you have been traveling.

  • If it is Negative: It is time to change this direction. Change will not happen overnight, but with God's guidance and strength, it will take place, if you so desire.
  • If it is Positive: Keep on finding more opportunities to do more positive to change your life and the life of another. You are walking towards abundance and prosperity.

Just by making a conscious, deliberate effort to change our mind set, changes our direction and changes our future!

Losing Our Mind Bible Study Steps

  1. When negative thoughts arise replace them with the positive. For example: 'I am weak'  / ' Through Jesus Christ I am a Strong Ambassador
  2. Make a conscious effort to speak positive thoughts about your life and your future.
  3. Read positive books and listen to self motivating CD's and DVD's
  4. Begin the Day with this verbal declaring the promises of God over your day and life. This is the Day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Today will be a Wonderful Day.


I hope you enjoy this Losing your mind bible study lesson. We really found out the our negative words are ruining our lives. I intend to begin making changes in my life and so should you.

It was great fun coming up with the name of this lesson alone. Like, share and leave a message below. I would love to hear from you.

Be safe

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