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I've really worked hard to provide an area that is filled with motivation and encouragement.  I pray you be blessed from these motivational audio bible reading, as I have been. This list gets bigger each week. Please share, to spread the Word! 

Motivational Bible Verses on Faith

Stepping out into the unknown is scary. Most don't even dare to try. I pray these motivational bible verses encourage you, knowing that you are surrounded by a host of witnesses that have stepped out in Faith themselves. Motivational bible reading on faith, when your faith is tested.

Promises of God

In these uncertain and frightening times, it is easy for us to be sidelined with constant worry. It has happened to me. I'm determine instead of replace fear with the promises that God has said to me. a) God has not forsaken you. Listen here b) Deuteronomy 28: 1 -14 Promises of God

Scriptures of Encouragement

We all need a healthy dose of encouragement! Who doesn't? Well these encouraging bible verses will do the trick. a) Scriptures of encouragement when facing the adversity of life b) Scripture of encouragement from the book of Jeremiah and Joshua c) Inspirational and motivational scriptures from Psalms

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